Friday, 25 August 2017

Kaye Wiggs Gracie, brand new face up.

I've sort of known Dr Krowe (Krowbar)  For a few years now, and he's done a fair bit of work for me, most notably on my Phineas Bennett dolls, but he's also done a soulkid boy and my Soom Rosette girl.

This is a UK based artist, whose prices are very reasonable, and you can see his work here on Flickr: 

He also does fantasy mods and all sorts.   You can email here if you'd like some work done. (I have been given permission to post the email address because it's a dedicated email for doll work.)

Now I present Gracie,   Dr Krowe's worked his magic on her and she looks lovely. Her brunette wigs look a lot better on her now!

This first wig is a bit messy, I need to work out how to tidy it up, but the hairs are so springy.

So I resorted to her custom Tibetan Lambskin wig, the first one I made her. I think it loooks a lot prettier.

I asked the artist to give me darker brows, and to hide the teeth.  Please don't hate me, but i'm not a huge fan of dolls with open mouths or teeth showing.  It's just  a personal preference, despite owning a couple of Deja Vu dolls!

And I almost always cave in and ask for freckles. I love the way Dr Krowe does them, they look so natural.   I've tried to show the details of the work because it's so beautifully done.   You can click on these images to see larger versions.

So that's my Gracie... I just know I'm going to end up buying her some new wigs!



  1. She was beautiful before but now she's gorgeous! I'm with you in not liking dolls with teeth! Love those freckles... Dr Krowe did a fab faceup on her!

    1. I'm so happy with her. I want to get more work done by the artist :)


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