Saturday, 12 August 2017

More on the weekend wigs

Please be aware that I can't take any credit for this as a tutorial. All credit goes to Mozekyto, on YouTube:

Here, I'm having a go at the undercut wig - here's the linky:

Having made my wefts and wig caps, I followed the tutorial on how to curl hair wefts.  It was a bit hard going, because I don't have hair straighteners so am using an iron, but it worked beautifully.   Acrylic fibre is fab.  It's easy to manipulate and shape, and smooth.   

I actually had a load of fluff after brushing out my wefts, and have put them in a bag to give to my housemate who likes needle felting.   She's going to give it a try and report back.

But returning to the curled wefts:

Here are mine. they remain nice and shiny.

I marked out the wig, and started glueing on my wefts. For this part I used Aleene's tacky glue and it hold really well, and quickly!

The 'shaved' portion of the wig looks unsightly, because I've coated it with PVA, as the tutorial advises. I may not do that in future.  I liked my flocked area better before coating with glue.  What I did though, was to flock it with my hand-cut flocking,  wait for the glue to dry, and brushed off the loose stuff, then re-flocked it over the top.  It stuck well and looked really good.

The coated bit here looks too gluey for my taste, but I'll see how it looks when fully dried.

It was a bit scary gluing that top weft, and flicking it over.  But it worked nicely.

And here's the progress.   I'll wait until morning, for it to have dried, before I do the final styling.

It's horribly tempting to fuss and finagle before the glue dries, but allowing it to dry really is the best way to success.   I'm going to ignore the project and do some knitting now.  

It's very hard not to poke things about....



  1. Wow... that's looking fab... love those little curly bits... it's still hard for me to accept that's acrylic wool you're working with!! Those curls look like my fine and wispy hair lol...

    1. Yes, it's lovely stuff once carded and smoothed! lol, my hair is heavy and fine, and just flops.


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