Thursday, 24 August 2017

SSP-051: New sewing pattern for Kaye Wiggs MSD and Mei Mei.

SSP-005 for Patience has been one of my most popular patterns ever, so I've made a version for Kaye Wiggs girls.  This is not simply a scaled up version, it's entirely re-drafted from scratch, and fits both the MSD (45cm/18") and the Mei Mei (43cm/17") bodies.

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First, the little leotard is good if you're using a dark fabric for your dress, it guards against staining.   The dress is fully lined, but the construction means that the dark seams are on the inside, so it's just a precaution.

This fits Mei Mei, but stretches to fit the MSD body, which is approximately 1/2" longer. Just make sure you use 4 way stretch fabric.

The dress has adorable puff sleeves, and can be made sleeveless.

The pinafore is very cute, and can be made with front and back skirts, or as an apron style garment, without the back skirt panels.

I quite like the full skirted version left open at the back, but snaps can be added if you prefer it closed.

The outfit is very slightly... but only slightly, looser on the Mei Mei body, and is longer.

The mock ties at the sides can be made out of fabric or ribbon, and are a very pretty trim.

You can click on these images to see them larger.  All in all, this is a lovely design. Really charming for these girls.

Next up, I'll be working on something for Little Darlings by Dianna Effner.  Although I'm just a wee bit terrified of marking my beautiful dolly!



  1. Looks lovely - I like the purple fabric... it looks like crushed velvet (I know it's not!) I must make it again for Patience - I only managed to make one for Mimi! I'm now thinking I should make it in jewel colours for Patience for the winter... but first I need to finish the dresses I'm crocheting for the Patience down five to go!

  2. It's a gorgeous purple isn't it :) These jewel colours would be perfect for winter! Good work on all those dresses!


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