Sunday, 13 August 2017

Weekend wigs - One down, one to go

Please be aware that I can't take any credit for this as a tutorial. All credit goes to Mozekyto, on YouTube:

Oookay, so this morning, when all the glue was dry, I primped Saffie's new wig and managed to get it into some sort of style.

She does, however, as usual, look beautiful in it.  But then, these girls would look great dressed in loo paper.

I'm a bit meh about it, because the hairstyle itself is a bit too glam, or too conventional to really go with the more edgy shaved side.  (You can click on the multiple images for a larger version.)

The glue on the 'shaved' section doesn't work for me either. If I try this again, I think it will be with straight locks, and I'll just double-flock the shaved bit.

But, for a first attempt,  technically, it's okay; artistically, not so much.  I made this one using Robin acrylic DK knitting yarn.

Next, it's Pru's turn.

I carded my yarn and made the glued wefts before I checked the yarn label. I've used King Cole riot chunky here, because I bought some ages ago to make dreadlocks.   There is a post here:

This yarn is 30% wool and 70% acrylic.  Which bummed me out a bit, but it's my own silly fault. However, it did press nicely, and went shiny, but I could feel the wool content as I worked.  Real wool makes any yarn or fabric quite springy.  So after all that effort of carding and gluing my wefts, I just gave them an extra press and went for it.

Here she is, in progress:   Using Aleene's Tacky Glu on a cap made of PVA, and wefts fixed with PVA, is bliss.  It sticks almost instantly, and you have to be quick if you want to pull off a weft for whatever reason.

Doing the side-parting was the scariest bit.  But if you keep wiping the glue off your fingers, and tools,  it's not too bad.

The first pic shows one side of the part, and you can see the second one in the second pic.  No gaps in between, which is good.  The parting looks slightly uneven, but once I've wrangled it into shape, it should look straighter.

I believe one just puts polythene over the head, without any need to use hot water.  Which makes sense. The heat and moisture would probably weaken the glue, even after it's dried thoroughly.

So she'll be left overnight, and I'll post results probably next weekend.  That's when I plan to make something curly and cute, or maybe try pigtails, for my Little Darling.



  1. Well done! Love the side with the curls but the flocked side not so much. Saffie looks lovely though! Love how you've got the different shades of brown in there - it makes it look very realistic. Looking forward to seeing Pru's finished wig - looks fab so far! 5 more days then I've got two weeks of holidollydays .. can't wait....

    1. Someone on FB just said that same thing, and I agree! I wish I'd just gone for classic curls, but oh well. I have two shades for Saffie and some brown/purple/other variegated yarn for Pru. Yay! Holidollydays! :D

  2. I actually really like the shaved side of Saffie's wig! But that's a look I'm partial to in general, and I guess it doesn't fit your usual aesthetic. Still beautiful, though!

    And Pru's wig looks fantastic so far! Can't wait to see it when it's finished :D

    1. SQUEE! *Glomps* I love the shaved look, the half-mohawk kind of thing, I just seem to be better at traditionally pretty than punk and edgy. Maybe I should work on that!

      Pru's is done, I just want to make a crown of flowers to go over the top.


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