Monday, 7 August 2017

Wig progress

Please be aware that I can't take any credit for this as a tutorial. All credit goes to Mozekyto, on YouTube:

With all the glue dried,  I was able to attend to my wefts and the caps this morning.  (Note: I am procrastinating and messing around when I need to be working.)

I'd glued the wefts to some clear plastic, as per the tutorial instructions.   I keep all my thick acetate from any playline doll boxes I buy. It really is enormously useful.

It took a bit of scrabbling with fingernails to lift the glued parts from the plastic, but in general, peeling off the glue was easy, and somewhat satisfying.

They're a bit messy, so need to be trimmed down.  Rather than use my good scissors - and you do need good sharp scissors for this project - I cute them down with a scalpel.

Trimmed wefts, all ready for use.  They'll have to go in an envelope for now, as I won't be able to do any more until the weekend.

As for the caps, I'd put five fairly thick layers of PVA over them, and they've dried beautifully. Before removing them, don't forget to mark a rough guide of where you want to trim them.

Those hairs you can see are stuck to the cap. They come from my uber-cheap glue brush.  I wouldn't use good painting or artists brushes for this.

They were a bit flopsy as I cut them to shape, but are a perfect fit on the doll's heads.

Saffie and Pru look  a bit less miserable now.  My trimming was uneven, but I made sure I cut the caps a little too large, so I can re-mark them, and trim them down more symmetrically.

That's that for now.  I really must go and do some work.



  1. They definitely look happier than yesterday... maybe that's because they can see what's going on now lol!! It's progressing nicely - love seeing the whole process step by step.. not sure I'd have the patience to make a wig myself though! I'll stick to gluing bits of wood to make furniture!

    1. Gluing bits of wood to make dolly furniture is a wonderful thing! Not something I have the space to try.


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