Tuesday, 12 September 2017

SSP-052: First sewing pattern for Dianna Effner Little Darlings

I've loved every minute of making this pattern, and Raccoon HQ is proud to announce the very first sewing pattern for Little Darlings.   I went for little-girlie, and a princess dress seemed just the thing.

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I started off with the princess-y skirt combined into one dress, but then, me being persnickety, I decided to make the clever little overskirt, so you can get more looks out of the outfit more easily.

Here's the dress...  you could easily cut the sleeves in the skirt fabric instead of the bodice fabric, for more contrast. 

For those of us who find setting in sleeves a bit of a bore,  this bodice has raglan shapings, making it much easier.

The overskirt was fun to make.  I may do some of these for other dolls.

The back opening of the overskirt is quite large, so it's fairly easy to slip on over the dress, once it's on the doll.  The waistband acts as a sort of cummerbund too.

And of course, I always like to add a petticoat, for extra value.   You could make this dress with a ruffle instead of the skirts, like a peplum frill, and put it over the petticoat to use as a skirt, if you wanted.  It's a little shorter than the dress, so you have two length options. 

I love my little Bonnie, she's just adorable. So much so, I've spent a small fortune on YOSD shoes for her. Eeps.   She's worth it though. 

The prototype dress will have some fripperies added, and I shall be offering them in my Etsy shop soon-ish. Watch this space.

There will definitely be more patterns for LD. I have so many ideas.  But next I really fancy making some floaty dresses for Evangeline.  I have a fifties style in mind for  her. 



  1. Very lovely and Bonnie's made a very good debut as a model!!! Now you know me ... I was looking at it and thinking what else could the pattern turn into - I can see a top and skirt out of the pattern as well.... Love the cleverness of the separate overskirt..very very clever and very effective. Now I'm wishing I had a doll that would fit this pattern but I know I don't.... please consider making it for Patience at some point! Ooh 50s style for Evie sounds interesting!

    1. Hello m'dear! Yes, Patience will be getting one of these. And when I finally get round to a PR girl, she might have one as well. Oh yes, I have some gorgeous cotton lawn from Spoonflower, and it's a large print, so would look very 50's on Evie.

    2. Looking forward to seeing the dress - you can't beat a bit of cotton lawn! The Patience crew are pleased to hear that but have pointed out to me I've got several patterns for them that I haven't made yet... oh dear my bad!! I feel the need to make something in cord again ... maybe dungarees!

    3. I keep looking at baby cord on Ebay and wanting to buy some. I shouldn't. But the lovely things you made really inspired me! Cord dungarees sound lovely!

  2. Love the pattern and congrats on your first for LD! I don't have LD but I do have a Wellie Wisher, and actually, I'm wondering if I might finagle this pattern to fit the KW girls? I love overskirts, especially when they are a separate pattern piece, as it makes the pattern so much more versatile. Thanks for another great offering, Tess!

    1. I don't think the KW proportions would be the same for LD. the bodies are so different. I can see this emerging as a KW pattern at some stage though. :)


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