Sunday, 17 September 2017

Three outfits for Dianna Effner Little Darlings.

I've finished my very first batch of Little Darlings outfit, and I'm in love with them.   People ask me if it's hard to sell the things I make.. and the answer has to be yes.   But, it's always nice to know that my work is in private collections all over the world.

These are all little princess dresses, made whilst developing the Princess dress sewing pattern (SSP-052) and they look very cute on my working model, Bonnie.  She's a consummate professional for one so young.

Princess Posie:

This is the first prototype of the dress, and fits perfectly. This was made before I went with the overskirt idea, and is a lovely little set.

You can click on the photos for a larger version.

Classic pink for a little girl.

Princess Primrose:

I don't usually use yellow, but these prints have a lovely golden quality to them.  It would look gorgeous on a brunette doll methinks.

I was going to make hats, but I thought for a princess dress, little tiaras or crowns would be nicer.  And as I'm really not sure how to go about making a tiara for a doll, without loads of R&D,  I opted for crocheting these little 'vine' crowns.  I devised the method to do it myself.  I haven't seen any such crocheted item online, and certainly no patterns for one.

The dress alone is also very cute.

Princess Polka:

My personal favourite and I've already had an enquiry for it. If  the lady doesn't want it, it will go back on general sale.

I love aqua, and this looks very fresh and pristine.

I'm also partial to a polka dot.  And I like these two prints combined.

The dresses look longer on the doll, due to the difficulty in getting the right angle photographically.   They are actually around lower calf length on the doll.

Each outfit comes with the petticoat....

..and these adorable little knicks.  They fit beautifully around the doll's derriere, and finish off the outfit nicely.

So that's it for now.  I'll be making something new for LD very soon, but have recently bought some mouthwatering cotton lawn, and I want to make 50's style dresses for Evangeline.

Bearing in mind how easily distracted I am though... I could end up making anything...



  1. Three lovely outfits and I particularly like the vine 'crowns' - great idea and no I've not seen anything like them either!

    1. I'm so happy with the crowns! It took a while to figure them out, but I think I'll be making loads more. :)


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