Monday, 23 October 2017

Three outfits for Dianna Effner 13" Little Darlings.

Have spent lots of time adding lovely extras to these outfits.   Two of the dresses are the prototypes for sewing pattern SSP-053, and one, the Violet Ruffles outfit, was made especially.   Just because I like making these dresses.

Knit and crochet are fun too, so I've devised a new knitting pattern for Little Darlings, which I plan to publish at some stage.  And my favourite hats, in crochet.

First up is 'Blue Skies'.

There's something about pale blue and yellow together that makes my soul feel light. Just love the colour combo.

There are more pictures in the Etsy listings.

Next, 'Rosy Ruffles'.

 I do love these ruffle panelled dresses.  They take a bit of sewing, but look so pretty, and a little different.

And my personal favourite (Not because it's purple. Nope.)

'Violet Ruffles'.

 There's something quite lovely and olde-worlde about these outfits.

So these are done.  Next, I'm eyeing my new Tobi body.  I can't wait to make something lovely and feminine for this new Kaye Wiggs body.


Pattern SSP-053 update for sizing information.

 Just a drive-by post for some information.

The new SSP-053 "Two Dresses" pattern for little Darlings, will also fit Ellowyne Wilde and Kaye Wiggs SD - specifically, the Tobi body.

Whilst playing around with my dolls, I made this discovery and was really surprised at how well the dress fits.

It's knee length on my Pris, but the photo makes it look a bit longer.

The petticoat waistband would need shortening.  You'd have to measure Ell's waist, and allow for seams, then alter your printed-out waistband as desired.   Adjust the notches too. If you have this pattern you'll see what I mean.

And the Tobi body looks so cute in this!

The petticoat waistband would need shortening considerably as the doll's waist is so thin.  Follow the hints above for Ell. 

I can see the Tobi girl in this dress with some cute baggy bloomers. It would look adorable.

Have added pictures to the Etsy and Craftsy listings too.


Monday, 16 October 2017

SSP-053: 2 Dresses for 13" Dianna Effner Little Darlings

And here's a new sewing pattern for Little Darlings. It's a favourite style of mine, and utilises a fairly simple bodice, with two options for the skirts.  (Three if you use the petticoat pieces to make a simpler dress.)

*Available in my Etsy shop:

*Etsy will charge EU customers VAT (This does not affect America or other non-EU countries).  I always recommend people to look in my Craftsy store anyway, as the prices fluctuate, due to the international exchange rates.  I always recommend comparing prices.

And right here on the blog: (PayPal shopping cart) You can find the sales pages at the top of the blog, in tabs for each section.  I will email you the pattern PDF files directly, after you've cleared checkout.  Click this link to email me, if you have any queries.

On CD disc from Ebay: (No VAT payable, and no charge for the CD itself, just  the pattern cost and the postage.)

Or right here on the blog: (PayPal shopping cart) 
If you do buy from me here on the blog, and you live in the EU, the rules state that I don't have to charge you VAT as it's a direct sale. 

You can find the sales pages at the top of the blog, in tabs for each section.  I will email you the pattern PDF files directly, after you've cleared checkout.  Click this link to email me, if you have any queries.


Price without VAT is £9.25.

*Etsy will charge EU customers VAT (This does not affect America or other non-EU countries).  I always recommend people to look in my Craftsy store anyway, as the prices fluctuate, due to the international exchange rates.  I always recommend comparing prices.


A really charming set for your Effner Little Darlings.

This first one is a real favourite of mine. I love the ruffled panels in the skirt, and they're fun to make.

The second version has seven panels in the skirt. You can use just one fabric, or two, or you could use up scraps and make a really shabby Chic dress out of seven different fabrics.

And of course I like to add a petticoat.   You could use the petticoat skirts to make a much simpler dress if you like.

Also, the skirt pieces are compatible with bodices from my other Little Darlings patterns, and vice versa.

And yes, there will be some outfits for sale, once I've done all the little extras.  :)

Next, I'm wildly excited to make something for my new Tobi body, which belongs to the Kaye Wiggs universe.   She's tall and skinny, and has proportions which I love.   A long dress with a short version is going to be coming up.


Saturday, 7 October 2017

Kaye Wiggs Tobi body

I've been unable to afford another Kaye Wiggs girl, since buying my Little Darling.  No regrets there,  but I did want to get a doll with the Tobi body next.  Eventually I plan to get a Laycee body,  but am holding out for a sculpt I really love.

The Tobi appeals because I adore tall thin figures.  I have a 47cm Soom Rosette that is very tall and gangly-skinny.  It just appeals. I used to paint and draw fairies and I always exaggerated the bodies, so I love to see a similarly proportioned doll body.

Whilst perusing Ebay - which I often do, for the sake of it, I came across a Tobi body, without head, on offer from a UK seller.

No customs!  Yippee.  So that was a no brainer.  And the lovely seller posted it very quickly, it arrived this morning.

I've spent some time fitting my Gracie head with some foam washers, so now the head poses beautifully, and I'm loving this body.   I mean ... it's huge! It's the tallest doll I own now, and I've no idea how I'm going to photograph any outfits. My background boards are all too small.

But eh, details.

Here she is anyway.  I do like Gracie on the Tobi. Her head is a good size for any KW body really,  and she's so poseable. She stands like a rock, even without the boots.  In fact she's far more solid than my MSD bodies, which have a tendency to keel over at the ankles with no warning.

Can I have some pants, mum?

She's not terribly impressed about the lack of pants.  But professionalism took over...

I'm not sure what to sew first, but have an idea for the right dress.

This is fun and all, but can I get some pants? And y'know, like... a bra? Soon?

It's nice to have a slightly more mature body.  More mature and feminine garments are nice to design for a change.

Mum!  I want UNDERWEAR!

For some reason, all my KW girls have American accents, in my head, despite calling me mum and not mom.  I suppose they are American born and created.  You'd think none of my Ellowynes or Patiences  et al would have British accents for that same reason, but inexplicably, they do.  Apart from Deja Vu, who sounds French.

Us doll people are weird.


A word on resin doll joints - not quite a tutorial.

Someone posted in one of the Kaye Wiggs Facebook group, asking what they could do with their doll, whose head was very 'kicky' and unposable.  My sympathies with that dolly owner,  as my Gracie has a very awkward head, which shoots around unbidden just as I'm taking a photo.

A lot of people recommended restringing - as the strings were probably too tight.  I agree with this, but also someone recommended silicone washers or grommets sold specifically for resin dolls and BJD.

I personally find these washers a bit of a rip off.   You buy two at a time, and they're about a couple of quid.  You also can't be sure what size to get, even if you measure your doll, because the joints distort the washers - which means you need a slightly larger size than you actually think you do.  I've ordered a couple and will report my findings, but I'm impatient, and I thought of a cheaper alternative.. which I happened to have lying around in my crafts stash.

Take some craft foam, the kind that comes in sheets of about 2-3mm thickness.  Use a white or pale colour for your doll, and cut your own washers to size.

I cut one and pushed it into the joint of Gracie's head, and tried it out on the body.  It works brilliantly!   I may cut a smaller one, as I've removed the plastic neck insert that came with my Gracie, located in the neck hole of her head, and the resulting hole is pretty deep.

The hole in the middle of the washer had to be elongated to accommodate the metal hook,  but that's okay, nobody is going to see it.

Here it is, after I tried it out.   It does squish a bit, but that's the whole point, it cushions and gives the smooth resin some soft (and importantly, safe) purchase.

It might not be the prettiest, but it is as cheap as chips, and you can cut washers for the shoulder and hip joints too, Playing around with size, and seeing what works best.

I know about sueding. I have used hot glue, and actual suede in the past for my doll's joints, but this method uses no adhesive. The foam washers can be removed at any time, and no there's no having to pick off hot glue or white glue.

I hope this is useful to someone out there, I plan to use it with all my resin dolls in future.


Friday, 6 October 2017

Special outfits for Evangeline Ghastly

After over a fortnight's work, I've finally completed two really lovely outfits for Evangeline and friends.

Available in my Etsy shop:

"Flowers after the Storm"
I started off with a classic slash-neck fifties silhouette, and it ..well, just growed.

I'm loving this unusual floral fabric from Spoonflower, by my favourite designer, Joan Mclemore.

I may have got entirely carried away by adding lots of extras,  but I regret nothing!

And the second

"Peaches and Coral"

I found some of the softest and tissue-thin cotton lawn online.  It's just beautiful.  A little delicate to work with, but very rewarding.  I'd hate to sew this stuff with a machine!  I love the colours too. The soft pinks and corals, with a little green.  Angelique looks perfect in it.

I love Angelique. She has such a sweet appealing face.

Again with the extras.  But a girl has to be well dressed.

So that's that.  I had a blast with these.  I do love to flit from doll to doll. Sometimes it's fun to make little-girly outfits, and then it's nice for a break to make something adult and feminine.

In other news:
Only yesterday, I had a great piece of luck. I managed to find a Kaye Wiggs Tobi body on Ebay, from a UK seller.   It's just the body, but it's fair skin, so my Gracie head will work with it. Lucky girl, I wish I had two bodies.  A healthy sensational body as well as my regular slob body.

That would be nice.  I'd send the healthy one out to exercise while I sewed. Or ate chocolate.

Or both.

But yes...  Gracie.  The Tobi body is lovely and new, the owner just wanted the head, and as it's in the UK.. no customs charges!  This alone is just.... I had to buy it.  I just HAD to.

I'm super excited to start making something glam for the new KW bod.  :D   But I am planning a LD outfit again next, and then something for Patience.  But we all know how well I stick to plans.  Heh.