Saturday, 7 October 2017

Kaye Wiggs Tobi body

I've been unable to afford another Kaye Wiggs girl, since buying my Little Darling.  No regrets there,  but I did want to get a doll with the Tobi body next.  Eventually I plan to get a Laycee body,  but am holding out for a sculpt I really love.

The Tobi appeals because I adore tall thin figures.  I have a 47cm Soom Rosette that is very tall and gangly-skinny.  It just appeals. I used to paint and draw fairies and I always exaggerated the bodies, so I love to see a similarly proportioned doll body.

Whilst perusing Ebay - which I often do, for the sake of it, I came across a Tobi body, without head, on offer from a UK seller.

No customs!  Yippee.  So that was a no brainer.  And the lovely seller posted it very quickly, it arrived this morning.

I've spent some time fitting my Gracie head with some foam washers, so now the head poses beautifully, and I'm loving this body.   I mean ... it's huge! It's the tallest doll I own now, and I've no idea how I'm going to photograph any outfits. My background boards are all too small.

But eh, details.

Here she is anyway.  I do like Gracie on the Tobi. Her head is a good size for any KW body really,  and she's so poseable. She stands like a rock, even without the boots.  In fact she's far more solid than my MSD bodies, which have a tendency to keel over at the ankles with no warning.

Can I have some pants, mum?

She's not terribly impressed about the lack of pants.  But professionalism took over...

I'm not sure what to sew first, but have an idea for the right dress.

This is fun and all, but can I get some pants? And y'know, like... a bra? Soon?

It's nice to have a slightly more mature body.  More mature and feminine garments are nice to design for a change.

Mum!  I want UNDERWEAR!

For some reason, all my KW girls have American accents, in my head, despite calling me mum and not mom.  I suppose they are American born and created.  You'd think none of my Ellowynes or Patiences  et al would have British accents for that same reason, but inexplicably, they do.  Apart from Deja Vu, who sounds French.

Us doll people are weird.



  1. Gracie you're all grown up! You still look fab! She's such a good model! My girls are speaking to me in british accents....

    1. She does look SO grown up! I'mm loving this body. I'm so glad I went for Kaye Wiggs dolls, the quality is divine.

      Ah yes! You get the accent thing. :D

  2. I look forward to seeing what you come up with for the Tobi body, Tess. I prefer a more mature dressing look for my dolls; I'm not really a frilly, ruffly, lace-y, bow-y type person ha ha

    1. Yes, i quite like the frilly little girly things, but I do also enjoy more mature stuff. Bows and lace aren't everyone's cup of tea.

  3. Hi your dolly clothes :) Not sure why your KW girls are speaking to you in American accents.....they are born and bred in the Land Downunder (Australia) lol Kaye Wiggs is an Australian doll artist....her agent is in America, that's all...which is why they're shipped from the US.....factory is in I guess they're very multicultural :D Born in Australia, made in China and shipped from travellers lol The clothes you've made for the Tobi body are brilliant!!


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