Monday, 23 October 2017

Pattern SSP-053 update for sizing information.

 Just a drive-by post for some information.

The new SSP-053 "Two Dresses" pattern for little Darlings, will also fit Ellowyne Wilde and Kaye Wiggs SD - specifically, the Tobi body.

Whilst playing around with my dolls, I made this discovery and was really surprised at how well the dress fits.

It's knee length on my Pris, but the photo makes it look a bit longer.

The petticoat waistband would need shortening.  You'd have to measure Ell's waist, and allow for seams, then alter your printed-out waistband as desired.   Adjust the notches too. If you have this pattern you'll see what I mean.

And the Tobi body looks so cute in this!

The petticoat waistband would need shortening considerably as the doll's waist is so thin.  Follow the hints above for Ell. 

I can see the Tobi girl in this dress with some cute baggy bloomers. It would look adorable.

Have added pictures to the Etsy and Craftsy listings too.



  1. I think it looks great on Ell. Hmmm if it fits Ell then it should fit the Paola Reina girls - I know that sounds daft but they have a similar chest size to Ell and can wear her tops! I may have to get it and try it... if all else fails it'll fit Ell....

    1. I remember you've said before that Ell stuff fits PR girls. I do have PR now, but she's in a box way on top of a shelf, under some other stuff. I will try to dig her out and try on some stuff though.

    2. No hurry.... I think both Ell and Patience will mutiny if I sew for the PR girls before them! I think the waist might be an issue as she has that little pot belly.. not that I can talk lol!!

    3. The waistline is quite high, so maybe it'll still fit. (I have a muffin top, myself, lol)

  2. Love the way the purple dress fits the tobi body! Mad as it sounds I found that some of my pip designs also fit standard MH at the chest and only need minor tweaking elsewhere.

    1. I'm loving the Tobi. I've always had a thing for exaggeratedly long skinny body shapes. And isn't it fab when your patterns fit a different doll. :)


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