Friday, 6 October 2017

Special outfits for Evangeline Ghastly

After over a fortnight's work, I've finally completed two really lovely outfits for Evangeline and friends.

Available in my Etsy shop:

"Flowers after the Storm"
I started off with a classic slash-neck fifties silhouette, and it ..well, just growed.

I'm loving this unusual floral fabric from Spoonflower, by my favourite designer, Joan Mclemore.

I may have got entirely carried away by adding lots of extras,  but I regret nothing!

And the second

"Peaches and Coral"

I found some of the softest and tissue-thin cotton lawn online.  It's just beautiful.  A little delicate to work with, but very rewarding.  I'd hate to sew this stuff with a machine!  I love the colours too. The soft pinks and corals, with a little green.  Angelique looks perfect in it.

I love Angelique. She has such a sweet appealing face.

Again with the extras.  But a girl has to be well dressed.

So that's that.  I had a blast with these.  I do love to flit from doll to doll. Sometimes it's fun to make little-girly outfits, and then it's nice for a break to make something adult and feminine.

In other news:
Only yesterday, I had a great piece of luck. I managed to find a Kaye Wiggs Tobi body on Ebay, from a UK seller.   It's just the body, but it's fair skin, so my Gracie head will work with it. Lucky girl, I wish I had two bodies.  A healthy sensational body as well as my regular slob body.

That would be nice.  I'd send the healthy one out to exercise while I sewed. Or ate chocolate.

Or both.

But yes...  Gracie.  The Tobi body is lovely and new, the owner just wanted the head, and as it's in the UK.. no customs charges!  This alone is just.... I had to buy it.  I just HAD to.

I'm super excited to start making something glam for the new KW bod.  :D   But I am planning a LD outfit again next, and then something for Patience.  But we all know how well I stick to plans.  Heh.



  1. Fab-u-lous work Tess. I'm loving both fabrics but especially the one Angelique is wearing. I'd like a second body as well... do you think it could go to work while I stayed and played with my dollies? Well done to Gracie for getting a second body... at least you'll be able to tweak your patterns for that sized body as well and yay to no customs fees... I'm feeling the need for another Patience... it'll cost me in ransom fees but I haven't bought a Patience or Ell for over a year and I have been brave at the dentist today so I think I deserve it lol!!

    1. I love the Peachy one too, and the grey floral is just so unusual, it sort of lends itself to Evangeline! Ooh yes, send on off to work and then ou can play dolls all the time!

      The new body arrived this morning, it's my biggest doll yet! Pretty much SD sized and it's huge. Still suits Gracie though, I've seen Gracie SD's on Facebook and her large head makes it look right.

      Yay another Patience! yes, they seem quite expensive now, i think you can only get them on Ebay? I think bravery at the dentist really does deserve a new dolly!

    2. Looking forward to seeing Gracie on her new body! Yes Patience is only available on Ebay these days and the price has gone up. This one was on offer and only a little bit more than they sold for originally so I thought it would be rude not too and you know how much I love Patience!

  2. I've been eagerly awaiting these designs as I was intrigued the direction you would take when you mentioned 50s style. Love the peaches and coral ensemble, so feminine and the top is fitted to perfection :)

    1. Hi Anj, thank you! I do love 50's style clothing on dolls. It's a great excuse for REALLY full skirts and tiny nipped-in waists. :)


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