Monday, 23 October 2017

Three outfits for Dianna Effner 13" Little Darlings.

Have spent lots of time adding lovely extras to these outfits.   Two of the dresses are the prototypes for sewing pattern SSP-053, and one, the Violet Ruffles outfit, was made especially.   Just because I like making these dresses.

Knit and crochet are fun too, so I've devised a new knitting pattern for Little Darlings, which I plan to publish at some stage.  And my favourite hats, in crochet.

First up is 'Blue Skies'.

There's something about pale blue and yellow together that makes my soul feel light. Just love the colour combo.

There are more pictures in the Etsy listings.

Next, 'Rosy Ruffles'.

 I do love these ruffle panelled dresses.  They take a bit of sewing, but look so pretty, and a little different.

And my personal favourite (Not because it's purple. Nope.)

'Violet Ruffles'.

 There's something quite lovely and olde-worlde about these outfits.

So these are done.  Next, I'm eyeing my new Tobi body.  I can't wait to make something lovely and feminine for this new Kaye Wiggs body.



  1. Beautiful outfits and you know already which one is my fave! Got a love a bit of purple!! I'm fed up.... my new Patience is taking forever to get through customs.... me and the girls are getting very impatient now!!

    1. I did have a vague idea ! ;) Oh the poor girl. Customs are evil and nasty. I hope it's not too long now.

    2. They seem to have got slower... 4 days to get from London to Coventry and 5 days to get to Customs charges being raised - at this rate it'll be another 6 days before she gets to Gloucester and I can call them and pay the charges....

    3. They seem to cross the Atlantic quite quickly, then get stuck in Customs for way longer than it took to ship them.


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