Thursday, 23 November 2017

Outfits for Kaye Wiggs Tobi

Having published the new pattern, I've done the usual honours with the dress I made as illustrations, and have added fripperies to them.   I also have two more outfits that I bimbled around with when the Tobi body arrived, and when I was feeling too poorly to do much else.

All available in my Etsy shop:

First up is a short sassy little outfit.  I'e added another ruffle to the dress, teamed it up with a belt, and some cute over-knee stockings.  It also comes with a petticoat and the hair bow.

"Short & Sassy"  £55.00

And the more romantic version, which comes with all of the above, plus a picot-edged cardi:

"Long & Ladylike" £65.00

And here are the two fun outfits I put together in sekrit.  Short minidresses, tailored perfectly for Tobi, with cardis, hats and stockings:

"Sugared Almond"  £45.00

"A Sunny Heart"  £45.00

I'm just loving those ruffle-topped stockings.

So yes.  Next pattern I think will be something for KW, or maybe LD. I'm undecided yet, but am currently working on a multi-doll crochet pattern.  So we'll see what develops.



  1. Love that Sugared Almond outfit - and those stockings are cute! Ooh a multi-doll crochet pattern sounds exciting....will it fit one of my girls??

    1. Thanks Trish! Sassy stockings really make an outfit. With the crochet pattern, if all goes well, it'll be hats for Ell, Patience, Little Darlings, Kaye Wiggs and all sorts.


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