Thursday, 21 December 2017

Four outfits for 13" Effner Little Darlings

Lord knows why I decided to sit and make four outfits, but I did.   I guess I had to test out this new pattern, and liked it so much, I couldn't stop sewing?

That happens a LOT.

But they are gorgeous, and in such lovely fabrics.   Of course, they all needed hats and tights to finish them off, so I had to develop a tights pattern too.

Here we go, these are posted in the order I made them:

First up is the dress set.  I'm partial to this fabric. It's such a pretty print, and is a lovely soft cotton lawn.  Love these sleeves, and the ruffles at the hem.  I added a Peter Pan collar to this one.  It's my first ever attempt and went like a dream.

I just want to say - if any of these are purchased before Christmas itself, I won't be able to ship them until afterwards.   You may have to wait over a week before I can get to the local Post Office.

Christmas is always a tricky time to get into town, as my kind friend who gives me lifts is tied up with lots of family stuffs.


 This has a full body petticoat, instead of my usual skirt-petticoats. This one fastens with seed bead buttons and tiny hand-sewn buttonhole loops.  This fastening is less bulky than snaps, and sits under the dress nicely.

Hats are such fun to make.  I taught myself how to make organza ribbon flowers just for this batch.  The hand-cut bias binding at the edge and used for the hatband adds a touch of elegance too.

Next, I wanted to see how a quilters-weight cotton would work, so I've used a Spoonflower basic cotton Ultra, printed with my own design.  It works beautifully.  The pinafore is denim-effect chambray.

Etsy shop link - £90.00

The fabric trim on the hat is also my own design.  Available at Spoonflower.

Next, I made two outfits in tandem. It really does save a little time, but when hand sewing EVERYTHING. it still takes forever.  Totally worth it though, for the workmanship and the luxury.

This one has a soft 4oz denim pinafore.  I left out the ruffles for a different look, and made a bakersboy bonnet for an olde worlde feel.

Etsy shop link - £85.00

Liberty Tana lawn is so beautiful.  The dress looks perfect in it.

And bringing up the rear, is this one.   I've long wanted to try out some baby cord, and this is a dream to sew. It's a very forgiving fabric, and looks so charming over the dress.

Etsy shop link - £90.00

This very soft lawn was crying out to be used too.  It looks lovely on my girl.

So that's it.  I'll be working on publishing a pattern for this last dress and pinny next. It should be the first of 2018.

I hope everyone has a happy and peaceful festive season.   Loads of love from Raccoon HQ.  xxx



  1. Amazing! Absolutely gorgeous! And they so suit your girl -such a sweetie!
    Barb Sanders

    1. Thank you so much! She is a cutie, I'm ever so fond of her.

  2. You have been busy! I don't know which outfit is my fave... they are all gorgeous! I especially love the hats. Ah babycord my fave fabric of the moment! At least you don't have to make seven outfits at once... remind me again why I bought another Patience!! I'm busy making dungarees at the moment (in babycord).... the Patience crew are watching anxiously hoping they will be ready for Christmas.... I really need to teach them to sew lol! Have a lovely Christmas Tess and the Patience crew and I look forward to more lovely patterns in 2018. Hugs x

    1. Sooooo busy. You can imagine what a bomb site my sewing room was! I remember your lovely printed babycord togs for Patience, but I couldn't find nice prints, so I went for plain. I should count my lucky stars I don't have to make seven! lol.

      You have a fab Chrimbo too, and a very happy New Year! xxxx

  3. Good to see you posting Tess, it seems like forever since your last one! I'm not keen on child dolls but I imagine it's a little easier to design when there's less body shape and this batch of outfits is delightful with such pretty details. Making your own trims is always impressive and the hats beautiful as ever.
    Wishing you every joy this Christmas and a New Year that brings you more wealth, good health and happiness. Lots of love Anj xxx

    1. My blog is sadly neglected lately. I'e just got my sewing head on, constantly! I was never one for child dolls, but you're right, it's much easier without a mature bust to navigate. Though I still want to sew for my more adult bodied girls.
      And you, m'dear. Have a good one, and I hope 2018 is the year for you. <3


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