Friday, 8 December 2017

Sewing like the wind

I have in fact been sewing like mad for days now, despite my quietness on the blog front. 

Four Little Darling outfits are in progress as I type.   The trouble is, because everything is hand sewn, and I'm so obsessive over neatness,  it all takes some time.

Anyway, here's a few teasers.   I'm loving the fabrics involved. 

Lots of bodices....

And plenty of ruffles ...

Also, there will be hats.

Can't say when these will be completed and listed.  I'm aiming for before Christmas itself, but we shall have to see.  It depends how many extra bits and pieces I end up throwing at each outfit.



  1. Oooh lovely fabrics... I recognise some Liberty in there! I'm stilling trying to make outfits for Patience in between crocheting a mermaid tail blankie for a present.... why did I decide to make rather than buying I ask myself but then where's the challenge in just buying something lol!!

    1. Definitely some Liberty! You are brave, making gifts. I decided to make my own Christmas cards this year and that was enough for me!


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