Friday, 26 January 2018

Three Beautiful outfits for Kaye Wiggs Dolls.

Now lots of pretties have been sewn, the three outfits from my recent sewing pattern are available to buy.

First-up is this one.  It's very soft and pretty with hand crocheted accessories.  It fits only the 18"/45cm body, the MSD, as it's too long for the 17" doll.

Etsy Link: Creamy Aqua:

This comes with dress, petticoat, shawl, hat, and the bear.

The yarn is a soft angora mix, and suits the scale of the doll perfectly.

Next up are two extra special outfits, with the kitchen sink thrown in.

First is:

Etsy link: Sunny Teal

This comes with dress, petticoat, hat, gloves, jewellery, shoes, and the bear.

It fits both the 18" and 17" bodies. Lots of pieces!

I think Gracie really likes the bear...

I got a few dolly-sized bears to add to some of my outfits. They are not handmade, but I've added matching bows around the necks, and I've always loved these small toys that my dolls can have. 

Getting Gracie to leave the bear alone is not easy though...

Gracie:  Can't I keep it, mum?

Me: Gracie... step away from the bear!

Gracie: Shan't!

Don't feel too sorry for her. My dollies do have bears and bunnies of their own.  She can have one of those.

And finally, the last one.  (My personal favourite, because bloomers.)

Etsy link: Crisp Aqua:

This comes with dress, petticoat, bloomers, hat, gloves, jewellery, shoes, and the bear.

Don't even think about it, Gracie....

Layla is a wee bit more adult about cuddly toys.

Both girls look adorable in their outfits, with their toys.  I think it's tea party on the lawn time.  Only it's still January out there.  Tea party in the living room then.

So that's that.

Next up, I've been asked to do a collaboration with an artist I admire, and I feel so chuffed that he asked.   It's Dr Krowe, who does all my custom face ups, and we're going to attempt a Monster High Steampunk fullset.   I don't usually do special requests, as I have a low tolerance for the tiniest bit of stress, but I think I can at least attempt something cute for a MH doll, and to do something with Dr Krowe just tipped the scales.

Then after that, I'll be piling into my MASSIVE new fabric stash.   I've spent ridiculous amounts of money stocking up on beautiful quilters-weight fabrics.  I want to make lots of shabby/boho patchwork and piecework outfits this year.

Yum!  Lookit!

Managed to find a good deal of small scale prints too.  It seems the demand for those must be rising? There seem to be more around lately.


Friday, 19 January 2018

SSP-056 - Maxi dresses and more for Kaye Wiggs MSD and Mei Mei

After making the "Dear Tobi" pattern, I've been asked to do one for the smaller MSD girls.  So I've come up with one that works for both the MSD (18") body, and the 'Mei Mei (17") body. This one is a lovely simple frock with a ruffle, and is called "Dear Dolly".

*Available in my Etsy shop:

*Etsy will charge EU customers VAT (This does not affect America or other non-EU countries).  I always recommend people to look in my Craftsy store anyway, as the prices fluctuate, due to the international exchange rates.  I always recommend comparing prices.

My Craftsy store:

On CD disc from Ebay: (No VAT payable, and no charge for the CD itself, just  the pattern cost and the postage.)

Or right here on the blog: (PayPal shopping cart)
If you do buy from me here on the blog, and you live in the EU, the rules state that I don't have to charge you VAT as it's a direct sale. Once you have cleared checkout, I will email the pattern files to you directly. Please allow me 24 hours, because of time zones. Usually it will be far quicker than that.

You can find the sales pages at the top of the blog, in tabs for each section. I will email you the pattern PDF files directly, after you've cleared checkout. Click this link to email me, if you have any queries.

EDITED:  I have been working on my files to try and consolidate the tutorial parts and pattern template parts, to create just one document that is neater and easier to download.  There are still two paper sizes, A4 for Europe, etc, and US Letter size for the States.  You will receive the pattern in the new format.


This is the first one I made.  I love it when it goes right first time.

I've added sizing information to each picture in the listings.

I love these girls, they're so photogenic.

Now off I go to do my thang and add fripperies, so I can list these pretty frocks.

Not sure what's next.  I have a potential three projects I want to do.  Ideas are coming so fast, I want to do all of them at the same time, but that would be dumb.

Little Mini Layla  is going off to Dr Krow for a new face-up. She's very cute, but I find her face paint too pale, so I'm having her done up again.  Can't wait. In the meantime, I should be working through my Patience patterns to see which ones work for mini Layla.

I wish there were more hours in the day....


Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Mini Layla!

Well, my new girl arrived yesterday, finally!   I didn't expect her to be quite so dainty. Can't think why, but I just didn't.  And I'm delighted with her.  She's just the sweetest little thing.

As a bonus, I've found that my sewing pattern (SSP-038) for Patience Wilde fits her perfectly.

Here she is on the cover:

8.99 GBP

And here are a couple of better pictures:

The outfit she's wearing is still available in my Etsy shop: I just love the oversized flopsy bow.

She needs new wigs, as I have none to fit her, they're all a wee bit large, or so small they keep popping off.   So I've ordered some from Juju's dolly mall.   And I may get new eyes too, though I like these green ones.

I'm a tad pernicketty over my BJD faceups, and I find Layla's is a little pale. The features don't show well in pictures, and I like more defined brows and eyes, so she'll be off to Dr Krow for a fresh face soon.  I can't wait. 


Sunday, 7 January 2018

Outfit with shoes for Effner Little Darling

The first Raccoon outfit of 2018.

The final pinafore set shown here was made to illustrate the new LD sewing pattern (SSP-055) As ever, I've added lots of pretty extras - including some  lovely shoes - to make this a gorgeous little outfit for you precious doll.

My little Claire looks adorable in this. I had a blast concocting and making the shoes.  The gloves were fun too, and I love to make hats.

The gloves are not costed out in the selling price, and have been included as free extras.

Available in my Etsy shop:

Lots of pictures.  Most of these are in the Etsy listing.  Here's the full ensemble on the doll.


And back views of both pinafore and dress.  The little bead fastenings on the dress are fiddly but so worth the effort, they look lovely and reduce bulk.

The dress on its own gives the doll a different look.

Here's a detail of the little bow-and-bead at the neck, and the embroidery on the gloves.

Mesh tights this time. None of my (MANY) cotton jersey fabrics looked right with the colour scheme, and this very stretchy mesh tied in much better.


I'm so glad I made these lasts (from previous posts) Here's a pair of shoes I made that didn't go right.

But this pair included with the outfit are a veritable success.

The whole kit and caboodle:

As I type, I'm working on a version of "Dear Tobi" (SSP-054) for the MSD and Mei Mei sized Kaye Wiggs gals.

After that, I've been seduced by both Chinese kimonos and bohemian layers.  I have so many ideas my head may explode...

That's the way it goes. Either I'm sitting in my room wailing about how I have no inspiration, or my head is stuffed with ideas, full to bursting.  I much refer the latter.


Saturday, 6 January 2018

Little Darlings shoes!

Having applied myself to the task in hand, I've finally made a really beautiful little pair of shoes.  These are so darned cute.  What is it about teeny tiny shoes?

I made the lasts a tad bigger than the doll's feet, so they'd slip on over tights, and it works like a charm.

And because the feet are protected by the mesh tights,  I was able to use a pretty fabric for the lining.

The doll stands so well  in them. 

We has success. 


Friday, 5 January 2018

Shoe lasts/shoes for Effner Little Darlings

Finally got down to making some shoe lasts for Little Darlings.   I've used Jesmonite water based resin as outlined in this post.  I find is as easy to use as plaster - which it sort of is, when you're mixing.

The shoes might look cute, but they are in fact an unmitigated disaster.

It seems I'm rubbish with a glue gun. 

Usually I use Copydex and Aleene's. The latter is especially Strong once hardened and allows plenty of what I call 'wiggle time'.   Hot glue does not.   Aleene's may not set quite as hard as hot glue, but it is amazing stuff, and does strengthen any structure you're gluing, rather marvellously.

So yeah.  No more messing with my housemate's hot glue gun for me. 

There will be shoes along with some outfits, but they take a long time to make, despite being enormous fun and I have a hat to make yet. Then I can embark on the next sewing pattern which is something for Kaye Wiggs SD sizes.

So its millinery and cobbling for me, over the next few days :)


Monday, 1 January 2018