Saturday, 6 January 2018

Little Darlings shoes!

Having applied myself to the task in hand, I've finally made a really beautiful little pair of shoes.  These are so darned cute.  What is it about teeny tiny shoes?

I made the lasts a tad bigger than the doll's feet, so they'd slip on over tights, and it works like a charm.

And because the feet are protected by the mesh tights,  I was able to use a pretty fabric for the lining.

The doll stands so well  in them. 

We has success. 



  1. Well done those are gorgeous - if only I had the skill and patience to make something like that... I'll stick to the things I can do me thinks!! There should be pics soon of the tribe - I've finally finished 7 outfits only two weeks later than anticipated!

    1. Thank Trish. I'm currently on Flickr looking at all your photos I've missed! Lovely. Looking forward to tribal pics. :)

    2. There are a couple there now and I'm just putting them on your facebook page!

    3. am taking a good look now. Whilst trying to stop myself spending a small fortune on fabrics.


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