Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Mini Layla!

Well, my new girl arrived yesterday, finally!   I didn't expect her to be quite so dainty. Can't think why, but I just didn't.  And I'm delighted with her.  She's just the sweetest little thing.

As a bonus, I've found that my sewing pattern (SSP-038) for Patience Wilde fits her perfectly.

Here she is on the cover:

8.99 GBP

And here are a couple of better pictures:

The outfit she's wearing is still available in my Etsy shop: I just love the oversized flopsy bow.

She needs new wigs, as I have none to fit her, they're all a wee bit large, or so small they keep popping off.   So I've ordered some from Juju's dolly mall.   And I may get new eyes too, though I like these green ones.

I'm a tad pernicketty over my BJD faceups, and I find Layla's is a little pale. The features don't show well in pictures, and I like more defined brows and eyes, so she'll be off to Dr Krow for a fresh face soon.  I can't wait. 



  1. She's very cute - how tall is she? That's handy that she fits into the Patience outfit - at least she's got something to wear!! I really must make this outfit for the tribe... it's a tad too cold at the moment though - they're sticking with their woolies!!

    1. She's 14", and so similar to Patience in body. I need to make up a load of Patience patterns and see if they fit her... so much to do! But you know all about that with your tribe! I think woollies are the way to go....


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