Sunday, 7 January 2018

Outfit with shoes for Effner Little Darling

The first Raccoon outfit of 2018.

The final pinafore set shown here was made to illustrate the new LD sewing pattern (SSP-055) As ever, I've added lots of pretty extras - including some  lovely shoes - to make this a gorgeous little outfit for you precious doll.

My little Claire looks adorable in this. I had a blast concocting and making the shoes.  The gloves were fun too, and I love to make hats.

The gloves are not costed out in the selling price, and have been included as free extras.

Available in my Etsy shop:

Lots of pictures.  Most of these are in the Etsy listing.  Here's the full ensemble on the doll.


And back views of both pinafore and dress.  The little bead fastenings on the dress are fiddly but so worth the effort, they look lovely and reduce bulk.

The dress on its own gives the doll a different look.

Here's a detail of the little bow-and-bead at the neck, and the embroidery on the gloves.

Mesh tights this time. None of my (MANY) cotton jersey fabrics looked right with the colour scheme, and this very stretchy mesh tied in much better.


I'm so glad I made these lasts (from previous posts) Here's a pair of shoes I made that didn't go right.

But this pair included with the outfit are a veritable success.

The whole kit and caboodle:

As I type, I'm working on a version of "Dear Tobi" (SSP-054) for the MSD and Mei Mei sized Kaye Wiggs gals.

After that, I've been seduced by both Chinese kimonos and bohemian layers.  I have so many ideas my head may explode...

That's the way it goes. Either I'm sitting in my room wailing about how I have no inspiration, or my head is stuffed with ideas, full to bursting.  I much refer the latter.



  1. Gorgeous little ensemble to start off the year! Fabulous amount of detail as always :)
    Glad to hear you're bursting with ideas, I haven't managed to get properly started yet - it doesn't take much to knock me off track, lol.

    1. Hi Anj! Happy New Year :)

      Yes, far too many ideas, and I really can't complain. I hope you manage to find inspiration soon. <3


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