Friday, 5 January 2018

Shoe lasts/shoes for Effner Little Darlings

Finally got down to making some shoe lasts for Little Darlings.   I've used Jesmonite water based resin as outlined in this post.  I find is as easy to use as plaster - which it sort of is, when you're mixing.

The shoes might look cute, but they are in fact an unmitigated disaster.

It seems I'm rubbish with a glue gun. 

Usually I use Copydex and Aleene's. The latter is especially Strong once hardened and allows plenty of what I call 'wiggle time'.   Hot glue does not.   Aleene's may not set quite as hard as hot glue, but it is amazing stuff, and does strengthen any structure you're gluing, rather marvellously.

So yeah.  No more messing with my housemate's hot glue gun for me. 

There will be shoes along with some outfits, but they take a long time to make, despite being enormous fun and I have a hat to make yet. Then I can embark on the next sewing pattern which is something for Kaye Wiggs SD sizes.

So its millinery and cobbling for me, over the next few days :)


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