Friday, 26 January 2018

Three Beautiful outfits for Kaye Wiggs Dolls.

Now lots of pretties have been sewn, the three outfits from my recent sewing pattern are available to buy.

First-up is this one.  It's very soft and pretty with hand crocheted accessories.  It fits only the 18"/45cm body, the MSD, as it's too long for the 17" doll.

Etsy Link: Creamy Aqua:

This comes with dress, petticoat, shawl, hat, and the bear.

The yarn is a soft angora mix, and suits the scale of the doll perfectly.

Next up are two extra special outfits, with the kitchen sink thrown in.

First is:

Etsy link: Sunny Teal

This comes with dress, petticoat, hat, gloves, jewellery, shoes, and the bear.

It fits both the 18" and 17" bodies. Lots of pieces!

I think Gracie really likes the bear...

I got a few dolly-sized bears to add to some of my outfits. They are not handmade, but I've added matching bows around the necks, and I've always loved these small toys that my dolls can have. 

Getting Gracie to leave the bear alone is not easy though...

Gracie:  Can't I keep it, mum?

Me: Gracie... step away from the bear!

Gracie: Shan't!

Don't feel too sorry for her. My dollies do have bears and bunnies of their own.  She can have one of those.

And finally, the last one.  (My personal favourite, because bloomers.)

Etsy link: Crisp Aqua:

This comes with dress, petticoat, bloomers, hat, gloves, jewellery, shoes, and the bear.

Don't even think about it, Gracie....

Layla is a wee bit more adult about cuddly toys.

Both girls look adorable in their outfits, with their toys.  I think it's tea party on the lawn time.  Only it's still January out there.  Tea party in the living room then.

So that's that.

Next up, I've been asked to do a collaboration with an artist I admire, and I feel so chuffed that he asked.   It's Dr Krowe, who does all my custom face ups, and we're going to attempt a Monster High Steampunk fullset.   I don't usually do special requests, as I have a low tolerance for the tiniest bit of stress, but I think I can at least attempt something cute for a MH doll, and to do something with Dr Krowe just tipped the scales.

Then after that, I'll be piling into my MASSIVE new fabric stash.   I've spent ridiculous amounts of money stocking up on beautiful quilters-weight fabrics.  I want to make lots of shabby/boho patchwork and piecework outfits this year.

Yum!  Lookit!

Managed to find a good deal of small scale prints too.  It seems the demand for those must be rising? There seem to be more around lately.



  1. Fab outfits - and I'm with Gracie - I want those bears!! The Patience tribe have bunnies but I do like a teddy! I have fabric envy now (not that I don't have a vast stash!) ... don't they all look lovely... looking forward to seeing what you make! Maybe small prints are back in fashion? I'm sure you'll do fine with the collaboration - looking forward to seeing the SteamPunk creation.

    1. They are so cute. I have several in a clear bag, and their little eys all watch me while I'm being busy. Maybe small prints are back in fashion, yes. And I'm still eyeing up the pattern pieces I already have for Monster High. They are so tiny! I can't remember ever having sewed for such wee dollies!

  2. Ooooh, mega new stash and so well organised too! I love the teal/yellow ensemble as it's a slightly unusual combination and of course the teddies are a perfect addition to all three outfits. Can't wait to see what you do with Dr Krow - how exciting!!! I've mostly given up sewing for MH, there are so many good patterns out there that it hardly seems worth the effort to create something in the organic way that I work when anyone can just grab a pattern and do it themselves with much less time and effort.

  3. It won't stay organised, I'm a mess monster! I'm halfway through the collab outfit now, it's hard going. I'd forgotten how tiny these dolls are! It feels a bit weird. I can't imagine how I mad Pippa stuff now. I've seen a few MH patterns around, but it's hard to tell how good they are fit-wise, compared with your amazing work.


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