Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Kaye Wiggs Mini Layla - Face up by Krowbar

No sooner did I get my long-awaited Mini Layla, than I sent her off to Dr Krowe for a brand new face.

I find some of the factory face ups can be a bit insipid... I hope that's not sacrilege, but they seldom resemble the photos of the dolls you order from any BJD site.  Here's a pic of the doll's original face:

My doll's lower eyelashes are very sparse, and I felt that they made the eyes look a bit.. 'puffy', and the brows hardly show up against the darker wigs. So off she went to Krowbar (Dr Krowe) and returned transformed. 

You can click on the pics to see larger versions.

This one was a quick snap on my workdesk, with one of the new wigs I bought especially for her.  I've bought some 5-6" Monique wigs, and they fit well, and seem to stay put when I comb them.


I took a few shots, moving my light around a bit to try and capture just what lovely work Krowbar has done.  It's difficult to capture, and she looks even better in real life.

I'm loving those eyebrows, and the light scatter of freckles.

I took stacks of pics, but have posted just a few here.

This wig looks gorgeous on her. It's a 'pretty girl' wig from Monique. I've also got her a 'Doris' A 'Jojo' And and a 'Cici'.   I like the Pretty Girl and the Cic best. I find wigs with fringes (bangs)  hide my doll's eyebrows, and I do love to see beautiful brows.

Obviously I'll be making her some pretty clothing.  Once I've finished my current project, I'll start working through my Patience sewing patterns to see which fit her.  And when I make new patterns for this doll, I'll do my best to make them so they fit Patience as well.

I'm still awaiting my sunkissed Missy, but I think Jpop are shipping them out gradually.

Also... I had some amazing news last week.   Some of my disability benefits had been cut two years ago.  This meant that the working  benefit that I'm still getting was cut in half.   That year, I was too ill and stressed to take it to appeal, but last year, I reapplied, and I did manage to take it to appeal. Luckily, the appeal can be heard without the appellant (moi) present, which is really lucky, due to my high anxiety and agoraphobia.

Welp, it took nearly a year, but I had the letter on Friday, that said  my appeal had been upheld!  Yay!  I mean, I'm so relieved, but the stress has caught up with me a bit, so I'm taking dolly work easy for a bit.  My benefits will all be reinstated, but it takes a few weeks for the DWP to pull their fingers out and get on with the paperwork.  So I'm not celebrating quite yet,  but I DID use my savings to buy myself a grail doll... sunkissed Human Layla, in MSD size!

She's my favourite sculpt by Kaye I think, even including Hope, Nyssa, Laryssa, and Missy. Nettle is my all time fave, but she's as rare as hen's teeth, so I'm delighted to get the Layla.  

I'm so naughty.



  1. She's very cute...poor girl needs clothes though or at least a bear to cuddle!! Huzzah on the benefit I hope you don't have to wait too long to get it in your mitts! You take it easy and I think buying a grail doll is a perfectly proper way to celebrate ;) I look forward to seeing her when she arrives! I still want more Patience... I can't quite persuade myself it's ok to buy another one..... maybe if we get our bonus from work this year!!

    1. Yes, she definitely needs spoiling. Yeah, it's great about the benefit... I'm feeling anxious about the payments though, darned anxiety. Even when it's good news it can make you feel ill! There will be lots of Layla spam, once I've got her. Dr Krowe will be doing a custom face up for me, so that's going to be fun. Oh, I think you should get another Patience. It's an investment really, as they're discontinued. It's best to buy one sooner rather than later, because I'm sure they'll appreciate in value?

    2. I wish one would pop up in the UK or Europe... it's so expensive now to get dolls from the States... I'm not sure I can cope with having to make outfits for more than seven of them!!!

    3. It's not just the customs charges buying from the USA... they charge a lot of shipping too. And of course you'd be wearing your fingers to the bone!


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