Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Got my knit on

Since winning my appeal and having my benefits reinstated, I've been having a sort of busman's holiday.   I find it very hard to just kick back and do absolutely nothing, so I've just been puttering about for a bit.    With the backpay I received, I admit to having a little bit of a spree.  I bought some Iplehouse dolls (ZOMGYAY CAN'T WAIT) obviously, and I got one of my my Kaye Wiggs grail dolls.

And a beautiful new Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 tablet.  Which has become an extended part of me.  I adore the thing,  and frequently stroke it lovingly and tell it how clever  it is.

I just recently also blew a fair bit on knitting yarns too, and have got my knit on lately.

Wool Warehouse is FAB for knitting yarn in the UK.  They seem to be cheaper than most other sites - indeed I haven't found one cheaper (thanks Trish!)  But that doesn't mean the quality of service is sacrificed.  They phoned me to politely apologise for not having one of the yarns I ordered in stock, and usually I get my yarn next day, or within two days.  Perfect.

It also comes in beautiful large organza bags, so I can keep it clean and dust free, and it looks so nice.

Here are some plain cottons, in mouthwatering colours:

And I'm a sucker for variegated yarns.  Compared to years back when did a pile of knitting projects for art college, the selection is huge.

This is the same bag, just photographed from the other side...

So I've kind of been relaxing, and doing a lot of knitting, and working out patterns. Here's a sneak preview of a coat and hat set, which will be released soon-ish.

And a little knitted dress, which I think Layla wants to keep. It'll look great with necklaces and tights. Those eyelets around the waist will have belt/ties, eventually.

Despite the overspend, I have kept some of the dosh safe and sound in my savings account for a rainy day.   I now need to stop spending, mostly because I'm running out of space in my tiny, tiny room.   I can't seem to knit or sew fast enough...



  1. That looks like a nice bag of yarn - I'm glad I was able to point you in the direction of te Wool Warehouse. I've totally lost my dolly and crafting mojo...if you find it please send it back over the border!! Lovely knits and let poor Layla keep a dress!!

    1. I'm eternally grateful for it. Maybe I should buy shares..

      Oh no, not your dolly mojo! I'll be sure to keep an eye out for it. I hate when that happens. I think Layla will keep the dress, as it's not perfected yet.


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