Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Kaye Wiggs Layla MSD

Eeeeh!   Finally, she's all complete.

I got my Layla's head back from Krowbar today.  I love all his face ups, but each time they still seem to get more and more beautiful.

I've added eyelashes, and inserted lovely brown eyes.

The wig is a Monique Gold 'Bea', which is very pretty and wavy, but I had to trim it a bit to tame it.  I don't know how people who publish all these lovely pics of their dolls to the interwebs manage to cope with all the flyaways.  I often dip a comb into water and comb the wigs through, but putting a damp wig on a BJD with face up is really not advisable.

Dipping a finger in water and smoothing the ig a bit helps, just as long as you keep any moisture away from the doll's face.  Face up sealant does not like water.  I've learned this to my cost, so please learn from my expensive mistake and preserve your dolly's face by keeping it clean and dry.

Right. Onto the picspam.  Click on the images to see larger versions.

She's dressed in the knitwear outfit I made for KP-006, the capsule wardrobe.

At first I didn't get the eyes in right, and you can see eye putty squidged through so it was visible.   But this pic below is the best one I've got so far of the lovely artwork.

I do like slightly thicker brows.  they make the doll look more youthful, and I love the young Brooke Shields look.

Excuse all the stuff in the background.  I do need to put up a proper white backdrop and photograph her properly, but was eager to get some quick snaps.

She's perfect.  I'm so happy with her. And just in case the lady I bought her from is looking in, thank you so much! 



  1. Gorgeous - Krowbar has done a fab job..

    1. I have her all dressed up on my desk. I'm dying to make some lovely stuff for her, but I have a project to complete first. Pah.


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