Sunday, 25 March 2018

KP-007: Knitted coat pattern for Kaye Wiggs girls

Feeling chilly lately! So I made my girls snuggly coat, jacket and hats.   The new pattern is fun to knit, and is laid out so that you can choose sleeve fittings (over thicker or thinner garments) and you can choose length. Knit a coat or a jacket with matching hat in two styles.

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Love the two girls together.

Layla is wearing the clothing from KP-006, the capsule wardrobe under her coat.  Gracie has bare arms under her jacket.

The hat is very cute and will fit Layla's head, and Gracie's larger head.  I love hats with ear flaps, these are very easy to knit.

Knitting seems to be my passion at the moment.  I will be sewing again, but I find knitting is very restful.   Next, a dress, methinks.  If I can get it right.



  1. Don't they look cute in their new outfits! Loving the yarn - you can't beat a nice variegated yarn! I've finished a dress for Ellowyne it's only taken me most of this month and I'm not feeling the love for it but we have taken pics!

    1. I've spent a small fortune on variegated yarns! Mostly the cheap end, but I've splashed out on a couple of £6 and £5 balls.

      Ohh.. going to check the pics now... I'm sorry you've lost your mojo. I do hope it comes back soon. Your work is just so beautiful!


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