Thursday, 15 March 2018

New Knitting pattern for Kaye Wiggs dolls. KP-006, capsule wardrobe.

I'll start by saying that I personally prefer very fine weights of yarn for dolls. I feel 1, 2, and 3 plys fit in better with the scale of the doll.  However!  (and there always is a however) Many dolly knitters don't feel confident to tackle work on such small needles - which is absolutely fair enough.  Hence,  I've been asked lots of times for a knitting pattern for Kaye Wiggs girls in 4 ply.

So here it is.

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This started out to be simply a cardigan that can be worn as a sweater, in two lengths.  Only I go so into enjoying my knitting, that it ended up with legwarmers, gloves, a neat turban hat and a mini skirt.  Rather than keep these goodies to myself, I decided to throw them all into the pattern.

for those of you who are not familiar with my knitting patterns, you do get a bit more than most standard knitting patterns. I provide a few pictures for key steps, and I explain a lot more than is usually explained in a knitting patter.  Thus these are pretty good for beginners and experts alike.  A little knowledge it assumed, like a couple of different methods of casting on, and the stitches, etc.  but I think people will find this easy and fun to use.

Two lengths of top - which can be worn as a cardigan, or turned around as a sweater.  This is the short length, in the aqua colour.

Lots of bits and pieces to add together for an outfit.  All of the garments fit 17" AND 18" dolls, over leotard and tights, or without.

This is the longer top, worn as a sweater over the skirt.

The turban hat will stretch to fit Gracie's larger head too, and looks just as good on the smaller Layla head.  My Layla has elf ears, and the hat can be tucked behind her ears, or pulled over them.  I think it looks cutest tucked behind.

So that's that for now.

Having had my benefits reinstated, and having been awarded backpay for a horribly stressful year of waiting, I've found I can afford to take a bit of a break.  this doesn't mean I will, seeing as I'm addicted to making doll stuff, but it does mean the patterns will be a bit slower coming.

I need the rest, so am taking it slowly for a while, and I may even make some outfits for myself to actually keep, so my own dolls don't have to go nekkid.

Having a bit of cash in my account for a change, I've also indulged myself.  I bought the grail sunkissed Layla doll, who has been a painted by Krowbar for me - pictures will be forthcoming.  Then I went to the Iplehouse website and ordered some dolls I thought I could only ever dream of owning.  On the list are a BID, a KID, a JID - and I've been brave on size and bought myself a nYID with SID head.  I'm so excited!  I bought new shoes for the nYID, which have no owner yet, but as I love shoes.... well.

The girls will be BID Bonnie,  KID Lonnie, JID Amy (with special faceup) and nYID with SID Mari head.  I fell head over heels with Mari, she's so beautiful.   The SID and EID bodies are a bit big for me.  I just don't enjoy sewing for dolls over a certain size.  So I'm hoping the nYID body won't be too daunting.

Now comes the looooong wait...

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