Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Iplehouse BID and KID

Having ordered some of my grail dolls recently, the first two have arrived.

Bonnie - Iplehouse BID
Lonnie - Iplehouse KID

I may have to find names for them, as Bonnie and Lonnie sound like some dodgy comedy double act.

Bonnie (left) has custom eyebrows, and Lonnie on the right has a completely custom face up.  Iplehouse have done such a great job, I'm over the moon. 

Aren't they beautiful?

Of course they'll be even more lovely with wigs and something to wear.  I may get new eyes too. The default eyes are lovely, but quite dark and I can't quite make out the colour.  We shall see.

The Peach Gold skintone is a beautiful as I'd hoped.  A lovely healthy flesh tone.  I'm so looking forward to sewing for them.

I'm waiting on JID Amy and nYID Mari, both in special real skin.  Though now I want one of each in Peach Gold.  Heh.  I'd better get to saving my pennies.



  1. Lovely - how big are they? And yes they do need better names!

    1. The little one is 10.5" and the larger girl is 14". Really lovely sizes to sew for. At some stage, I'll try to do some comparison shots with Patience, Paola Reina and Little Darling. :)

  2. That would be good - yes those would be good sizes to make for!


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