Sunday, 20 May 2018

(1) Getting that perfect fit...

Playing with my new Iplehouse JID, Amy is fun.   She has the small bust, unlike my older girl, Rachel, who has the large bust.   I've been wondering how to get outfits and patterns to best fit both sized busts.  When it comes to closely-fitted items,  two girls are a little too different to be covered with one single bodice pattern.  I will work on some loose garments at some point, like peasant blouses.

I've been playing around with fabrics for this project. I've lots of small scraps to use up.

Not entirely sure where this is going yet, but isn't it pretty?  (Click on images to see them enlarged)

Returning to the bodice issue, Amy was up first.  I've decided that a bodysuit/leotard type of affair will work best.   Then the two girls can have their individual leotards, and I can make a really extravagant single skirt to go over the top.

Amazing fit though.  I'm ecstatic with this.  It's not easy constructing a garment with woven and knitted fabrics!

And from the back.

Luck played a good part with this (although I would have eventually got the fit I wanted out of sheer bloody-mindedness.)  It seemed that everything turned out right first time with this one.

Will post more pics as things unfold.  I have vague ideas in my head, it's a case of research and development as I go along.

 Part 2 here:



  1. super nice and tight. you're right elastic garments for sizes so small are very difficult to work but not impossible ...... you're an artist .....

    1. I'm so happy with it, thank you :) With a design like this nailed down, I can use it to generate different styles.


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