Monday, 7 May 2018

Outfits for Boneka and Iplehouse BID

It's taken a while for these to be finished. In my infinite wisdom, I decided to design and fit bodices to three different sized dolls, and then ended up making multiple accessories for all three resulting dresses.

The one omitted from today's reveal is my Iplehouse KID, and that's only because I'm waiting on shoes. Once they're here and I've faffed with them, the KID outfit will be offered for sale.

So today we have my BID and my Boneka modelling the items.

First up is my BID in 'Little Fluffy Clouds'.  

The blue and white theme made me think of sunshine and  blue skies with fluffy white clouds.   I've added lots of accessories to this, every one handmade.  I particularly like the scarf, crocheted in lovely drapey viscose.

It was hard to get the length of handbag strap I wanted, and to get it over the doll's arm and head, so I added a little jewellery clasp to make it loads easier.

I love my girl in this, especially in the blonde wig. There's something about blondes dressed in pale blue.

Even the shoes are included!  I've bought a lot of dolly shoes lately, because I'd like to be able to sell them with outfits, so customers get the full set.

And my cute Boneka girl is next. Clara is wearing

'Tea and Rust'

I've made up the same amount of accessories. Sorry, no shoes for this one.  I couldn't find any to match.

The gloves and stockings are fabrics I had specially printed to match the outfit.

I really like this with a redhead wig.

There are lots of lovely little pieces in these two outfits.  So the lucky buyers will have fun dressing them up and getting different looks.

So yes, I'm rally loving the scale of these dolls, especially the KID (not featured today) Next I want to make something lovely for either the KID again, or my new small-bust JID, Amy.

I also have had my sun-kissed Missy head back from Dr Krowe, and he's also doing a Laycee head for me.  So I've got a fair few new things to show when I can get around to photographing and blogging.  The swing and making is all consuming lately, so I've just been indulging my passion.



  1. Two beautiful outfits - I particularly like the blue one - lovely shades of blue. I've just made a dress for a new arrival in shades of blue! The Patience tribe has increased once more!

    1. I love blue with white, or with a pretty pale yellow. OMG, another addition to the tribe! Your poor fingers will suffer, lol!

    2. My poor fingers are sore already!! I may be sewing something with polka dots for them....and then there's the crochet.... I'm going back to work tomorrow for a rest!!

  2. I really like this with a redhead wig...

    1. thank you! She does look lovely with the red wig.


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