Saturday, 12 May 2018

Patchwork dress for Iplehouse KID - 1

This blog being sadly neglected of late, I'm aiming to post at least short drive-bys, if nothing else.

Being a huge fan of Nadir Positano clothing (sumptuous shabby chic) I've stocked up on different fabrics and am finally embarking on a project I've wanted to try for ages.  This might have been a little easier had I started on one of my larger dolls, but I love the Iplehouse KID size so much, I've got to make something lovely for this gorgeous little doll.

First, having some lovely little red shoes, I wanted to make a matching outfit, with patchwork, ruffles and layers of skirts and petticoats.  I picked out my ravishing reds, and added some  peachy/light terracotta colours.  I wasn't sure if the colour combinations would work, but I think they do look rather delicious.

All this is done by hand.  I have a perfectly good sewing machine on my table, but my back won't stand up to long sessions on it. 

Click on the pics for larger versions.

Piecing the fabrics for assembly:

Putting it all together:

Thus far, I'm delighted with it.   The skirts will be sewn to the bodice  next, and the dress finished off, then the petticoat, which will be a two-layer affair, methinks.



  1. That looks fab and the fabrics look perfect together. It's just triggered a memory of a patchwork skirt or dress I had back in the 70s - similar colours and there were definitely ruffles on it... Looking forward to seeing the finished outfit now!

    1. Snap! Nearly. I had a similar red and white flounced skirt as a child in the 70s, with a crochet poncho to match. I'm going to make her a beautiful slinky crochet shawl to go with this!


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