Friday, 11 May 2018

Some things....

I just wanted to let people know a couple of things. This has in no way upset me, and it's not aimed specifically at anyone. It's something I meant to post for a while now, and a perfectly reasonable question from a lovely lady has prompted me to explain myself a bit more.

I get quite inundated with pattern requests, and because I work alone, it's hard with the timescales involved to produce everything I'm asked for. For this reason, I have to try and pick the patterns that sell well, to reproduce in other dolls.

For example if (say) a teeshirt sells well for Ellowyne, I'd eventually do one for Kaye wiggs. Many of my stretch fabric patterns don't sell brilliantly. People seem a bit afraid of stretch fabrics, and that's quite okay, I understand. But if a pattern is not doing terribly well I tend to put reproductions on the back burner. That is not to say I'll never make the requested pattern, but it's going to be some time in coming. I do get a bit overwhelmed with private messages containing pattern requests and can't do them all.

This does not mean I'm not exceptionally grateful that the doll community likes my patterns and want to see more! I really thank you all for being the wind beneath my wings.

There might be the odd pattern here and there when I feel capable. We'll see how it goes.

I'm also taking a bit of a break from patterns, as I burned out trying to keep my head above water for the last couple of years. Now the benefits which enable me to legally carry on working as self-employed have been reinstated, I'm taking time to just breathe and do some work on my newer dolls just for pleasure. All I can do at the moment is make outfits to sell and do some research and development, with a view to eventually producing some really lovely new patterns. I'm just taking some time to work slowly, try out things I've been longing to do... just to get my mojo back!

Thanks for reading. As you were.


  1. Your patterns are well worth waiting for and I don't want to see you burn out so take your time and enjoy yourself for a bit.... it's still work just the research and development side of it and if you get to play as part of the process then that's a good thing. I know what it's like when your mojo goes missing.. I think mine is finally returning... I was looking at a Patience pattern the other day and I could see an outfit that I could make out of bits of the pattern. So thank you for your patterns and for rekindling my creativity. Hugs x

    1. Aww, thank you Trish. I feel bad when people ask for stuff and I just don't have it in me to carry it out. I'm glad to hear your mojo is gradually coming back. It's rubbish when it goes away! Hugs back xxx


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