Friday, 18 May 2018

Special outfit for Iplehouse KID

This little doll is a dream to sew for. I love the size and lack of bust, which makes it really easy!

Having bought lots of stash earlier this year, I've put together some lovely mixed prints for this fabulous little ensemble.  Reds are the thing, it seems, along with terracotta and salmon.

Click on the pictures to see them enlarged.

In my Etsy shop:

Again, Inspired by Nadir Positano, I wanted to do more patchwork in this.  I'm loving the piecework skirt ruffles.

I've taken great care to make sure no red fabric is against the doll.  Everything is white, or lined, and the Lycra armlets, stockings and knicks are all white on the inside.  I'm always very careful with my dolly ensembles to eliminate any risk of staining.

The Etsy listing goes into a full description of each piece (8 in all)  So this is mostly for the eye candy.

I love the little undies.  :)

The shoes are really cute too.

And the hat has a lace hatband, trimmed with hand-crocheted flowers.

Lonnie is such a sweet lil' model.  She looks so wistful.  I love the KID size so much that I've ordered another,  Paige.  She has a cute smile.

Also - I received the shipping notification today for my nYID girl with SID Mari head.  I am so excited to get this big girl.  Slightly nervous about sewing for her though.  I only have one other doll that can be called SD, and that's my Laycee head on the Tobi body.  The proportions of Iplehouse dolls are gorgeous though. Very womanly.  She's going to get some lovely boho clothing.

At some point...

So much to do,  etc, etc.



  1. Gorgeous... I like that a lot!

    1. Feeling emboldened, I'm starting something patchwork for a larger doll now.

  2. I look forward to seeing it... I'm knitting for me...I really should be getting on with the polka dot outfits... they've all got new sunglasses today so no moaning from the tribe!!

    1. Quite right too, I'm sure you deserve something lovely. I've recently bought a little pair of spectacles, if I like them when they arrive, I'll get some more. Sunglasses for patience sound fab tho'! They must be a good size.


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