Tuesday, 19 June 2018

2 "Playtime" outfits for Effner Boneka, and Iplehouse BID

After the pattern, yes there are usually outfits!

Here are the latest two offerings from Raccoon HQ.  Each is a 4-piece set, lavishly trimmed with lace, and very cute.

First up is the Boneka outfit "Playtime in Pink"
In my Etsy shop

I haven't added whistles and bells to these, so they're not as pricey as some of my outfits.  I did make a pretty bow for each one though. I like some kind of head wear, just to finish an outfit.

It's a pretty 4-piece set.  Generous with the lace.

The bows are attached to clips, which can be removed if you want to thread elastic through instead.

Next the BID outfit, "Playtime in Lilac".
Also in my Etsy shop
Also £39.00

I think My Bonnie looks cute in anything I put her in!

What's next?  Hmm. I do want to make something for my nYID, but she's so big, I still feel a little timid about her. So I'll make a party frock for each of these little ones next, including a sewing pattern.

Then we'll see....


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