Friday, 1 June 2018

Evolving my Environment

"Evolving my Environment" Is a phrase used by an artist many years ago on a TV programme I was watching with my darling late mother.  We both burst into fits of giggles at what was a really pretentious statement that just meant re-arranging a room. 

Every Spring I get this bug.  It's a mix between spring cleaning, the desire to nest, and the agoraphobic's need to really control their living space.  I'm adding little shelving units, storage ideas I've found on Pinterest, and have given the room a thorough vacuuming.  My back is in bits. My butt and thighs hurt.  I feel like I've gone three rounds with Frank Bruno.  But! It's all good. Once the final little shelving units arrive, I'll be able to fold and stash fabrics to my hearts delight.

The largest addition is this tall CD tower.  Having seen lots of these housing rainbows of fat quarters on Pinterest, I though I'd get one.  I'd like more, but the space I have is so restricted.

I discovered that it houses my gorgeous new Iplehouse nYID perfectly.  I may leave here there for a few days. It's best to tuck her into a satin bag though to keep her out of the light.  My room has a daylight light bulb and two lamps with UV bulbs, and these have already turned my poor JID Rachel slightly green, so.

For now she looks good though. She's out of the light from the window at least and I can sit on my bed and lovingly gaze at her.

Do excuse the rubbish photos.

I may post a few more pics, once it's all neat and sorted. Being halfway through a project though, the workdesk is a tip, as well as the rest of the room.



  1. Que grande es ....yo tambien hago remodelado de mi taller de costura.....pero nunca tiro nada...

    1. El estante mide 185cm de alto ¡Odio tirar cualquier cosa tambiĆ©n!

  2. Looking good so far.... I never thought of the CD tower for fat quarters - mine are all in a basket (or two or maybe three.....) Mmmm might have to think about that.... saw so many lovely storage ideas in Ikea on Saturday.... and I really do need to get more organised.... I've seen hanging shoe storage used for skeins of yarn before and I really like that idea too!

  3. Ooooh, what's not to love about evolving one's environment! I love having a clean, change around and tidy though I think my work space is currently at the height of its evolution. But what I like most is chucking stuff out (mostly my bloke's, lol!)


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