Sunday, 10 June 2018

Patchwork Perfection - a WOW outfit for Iplehouse JID girls

As promised yesterday, here's the latest offering from Raccoon HQ. 

This one is a beautifully fitted outfit for Iplehouse JID girls.  Fits small and large bust (but not Glamour size)

Now for sale in my Etsy shop:

Making a bodice to fit both Small and Large bust sizes proved impossible in woven fabrics, so I needed a workaround. These two bodysuits are the solution.   the buyer will receive both of these, so the outfit will fit both sizes of bust. 

Alas it won't fit the Glamour bust, as I don't have a doll with this size boobage.  I'm not fond of enormous boobs on a doll, and won't be getting one... sorry!

These girls are so pretty.  I'm sad my Rachel (on the right) has yellowed a bit, but I still love her.

(Click on the images for larger versions)

The skirt and hat were ambitious.  I've had these gorgeous coordinating fabrics in my stash for years now. Literally.  I decided it was high time I made that patchwork splendour I'd always promised myself.  But as luck would have it, I found the same set of fabrics again, and have bought myself larger pieces.  So there will be more to come.

I digress.   Back to the garments.  The skirt took LOTS of work.  I had to arrange all the pieces so they looked right, and then hand sew everything.   The skirt took me 4 days to make!  So I know this outfit is expensive, but would you take a job that pays less than £20 a day?

I had some fabric printed in a matching colour at Contrado.  It's an exquisite powder blue.  Very pretty in this stretch mesh fabric.  I even had enough for gloves.

And from the back...

I love these sorbet pastels.

Lots of bits and pieces as usual.

So that's it for now.

Next up, I've already started a sewing pattern for dress and bloomers for Iplehouse BID and Boneka dolls.  The dolls are so similar, that both can be accommodated in the same pattern.  It's a lot simpler than this last project!



  1. Beautiful from the front and the back! Such a lot of work - you've more patience than me - I seem to have lost the making mojo again :(

  2. just gorgeous, I love the detail and work in it

  3. un trabajo impecable,preciosa combinacion.....gracias.


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