Sunday, 17 June 2018

SSP-058 for Effner Boneka AND Iplehouse BID.

It's been a while.  I'm sorry, I know, but I've been forced to take a break and develop things slowly for a while due to burnout.  But what better way to ease myself back into it than with a delightfully simple little pattern for two similar dolls?

I love the size of both of these girls, they're  fun to sew for.

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I have been working on my files to try and consolidate the tutorial parts and pattern template parts, to create just one document that is neater and easier to download.  There are still two paper sizes, A4 for Europe, etc, and US Letter size for the States.  You will receive the pattern in the new format.


There are two separate bodices, one for each doll.  I have tried the BID bodice on the Boneka, but it is a bit baggy for her.  And vice-versa, the Boneka bodice won't fasten up at the back when tried on the BID.

The other pieces are the same for both dolls, and the fit is really good.

The two dolls have different proportions.  BID has a longer body and short legs. Boneka has a shorter body and longer legs.   So the bloomers will look a little shorter on Boneka, but are very easy to lengthen by about 1/2"

To make things easier for beginners, I've used elasticated waists for the petticoats and bloomers.  I find on this scale of doll, elasticated waistbands are good, as the petticoat will stay firmly put, and won't slide around.

That's that for now.  I may make another pattern for these two girls next. Maybe a longer party dress.  I'm looking at my hugs fabric stash and feeling spoilt for choice.


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  1. Very cute - and you could make a nice simple skirt out of the petticoat pattern! Lost my mojo again..... the tribe is not impressed!


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