Thursday, 26 July 2018

"Country Bride" Special outfit for Ellowyne Wilde

Sometimes I like to just let the fabric inspire me, and see what direction I end up going in.   for this lovely ensemble it was the Michael Miller dotted swiss lawn that I just had to use.

I didn't envision this going bridal, but it did, so I made the pretty tiara and bouquet to match.

Now in my Etsy shop

I think my painted-eyes Ellowyne makes a lovely bride.

There had to be fripperies, so I've made some pretty stockings, and some very cute bloomers to match.

The bouquet is wired to fit Ell's hand, and doesn't slip off.

All that beading!   I've done the back of the bodice as well as the front.  It's fiddly work, but once I start beading, I never want to stop.

During the making of this, I ran out of fabric and had to order some more. While I waited, I started a new corset outfit for our Ell, so I'll be finishing that next, and listing it.  So that's what's going to be next.

Then I think maybe a new sewing pattern for Ell. Seeing as she hasn't had anything new for a while.

Some might think I'm procrastinating because beginning something for my HUGE new Iplehouse nYID girl is too scary.

You may say that. I couldn't possibly comment.  ;)



  1. Love it! I especially love the beading.... Ell looks so pretty I love the shape of the bodice as well. Yes something for Ell my poor girls think I've forsaken them.... I'm still making the outfits for Patience I starting in May.... it's just too hot!!

    1. I have had NO emails notifs for comments lately. Sorry Trish. As I type, the weather is much cooler and nicer to work in.


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