Thursday, 5 July 2018

SSP-060: Sewing pattern for Effner Little Darling.

Here we go.  This looked so beautiful on my Bonekas, that I had to make one for LD.  Now you can make matching dresses for your LD and their little sisters.

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You can find the sales pages at the top of the blog, in tabs for each section. I will email you the pattern PDF files directly, after you've cleared checkout. Click this link to email me, if you have any queries.

I have been working on my files to try and consolidate the tutorial parts and pattern template parts, to create just one document that is neater and easier to download.  There are still two paper sizes, A4 for Europe, etc, and US Letter size for the States.  You will receive the pattern in the new format.


As with the Boneka/BID pattern, this includes Dress, petticoat, and armlets.  (Click on images to see them enlarged.)

It looks lovely without armlets, and the shoulder ruffle can be worn as dress straps.

Or worn as a more princess-y dress.

Here's the petticoat and armlets:

And a better one of the armlets:

This is one of my favourite dresses to make, and I want to create one for Iple JID, and KW Tobi. Possibly even my nYID, but that would be a big make!

Not sure what's coming next.  I'm just letting my fabrics inspire me at the moment.

In other news, I had a tooth out today, and was brave.  I told the dentist "That was a doddle", and he laughed at me. In a nice way. 

I've also lost nearly 2 stone now.  I'm slogging away to shave it down.  In fact now I'm losing the weight, the depression is lifting a tad. I've bought some new clothes, some lovely scarves and some earrings.  It may seem commonplace, but I've had only 2 drawers full of clothes and no jewellery for years now.  So buying lovely new stuff is a big step forward for me. 



  1. Gorgeous - you know how much I like this pattern! Of course you were brave - nothing worse than a trip to the dentist and having a tooth out! Well done you on the weight loss - and the right thing to do buying yourself something nice to celebrate. I just wish I could lose the weight I've stupidly managed to put on.... but it's much harder to shift than to put on!

  2. Very cute. And congrats on your bravery! I hate dentist appointments. I had to smile at your last sentence. My dolls get tons of new things. Me-not so much. You've certainly earned a treat!


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