Monday, 29 October 2018

SSP-064: New sewing pattern for Dianna Effner Little Darling dolls.

Here's the latest, hot off the Raccoon HQ workdesk. This one is the version of "Playtime" for Little Darling.  It also fits the new Mini Maru hard-bodied dolls.   I have two of these and they both look charming in this ensemble.

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There are two versions of the little play-dress.

With Bloomers:

And a petticoat:

And here are the outfits on my two hard-body Mini Maru girls.  I love this outfit on them!

Hope you enjoy this!

Not sure what's coming next.  I'll be finishing up some outfits and listing those.  I want some pretties in my Etsy shop for Christmas, so I'll probably be concentrating on outfits for a few weeks.


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