Thursday, 1 November 2018

Four outfits newly listed in my Etsy shop: Little Darling and AGAT - and a painting!

After creating the "Playtime" sewing patterns, I've finished off the outfits and listed them for sale on Etsy.

Here we go...

"Playtime in Pink & Green" For Effner Little Darling:  (I love Claire's new wig)

"Playtime in Blue" For Effner Little Darling:

"Playtime in Pink & Cream" for A Girl for all Time dolls:
£54.00 plus shipping.

And "Playtime in Biscuit & Purple" for A Girl for all Time dolls:
£50.00 plus shipping.

And I'm putting this in my doll blog, as it's doll-related.

"Ellowyne Wilde" Mixed media painting:
£80.00 plus shipping.

Next, I think I'm going to try some lace overlay dresses. I've spent a small fortune on exotic embroidered tulle from the far east, and have a drawer full!   I'm always nervous about working with tulle, so we'll see how well I cope with it.  Just not sure which doll to sew for.  A taller girl maybe, as the lace is quite deep.

Fingers crossed.


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