Saturday, 10 November 2018

Two outfits for Effner Little Darling.

I really enjoy making these cute lil' playsuits, so I made a couple more.    As luck would have it, in my stash of shoes I found the perfect pairs to match these pretty outfits.   There were also some teeny cuddly animals in a drawer, ready for some LD sized outfits, so I've included one of those in each outfit.

Click on the pictures or the links below, to take you to the sales pages.

"Strawberry Mousse" For LD and hard body Mini Maru:

Very pretty pinks, with a dashing spot of red here and there.  The little bunny coordinates so nicely with this.  And the shoes are the right hue of pink to tie in perfectly.

The outfit also fits the new body Mini Maru, and was actually fitted to do so. the shoes are VERY tight though!  You really have to wiggle them on.  I got so absorbed in putting the shoes on my MM girls and in the end I totally forgot to take a photos. Derp.  But they will go on.  Just be gentle and patient.

"Apricot Creme" For LD and hard body Mini Maru:

Olde-worlde shades of apricots and creams make this a lovely little ensemble.  Even the honey coloured bear tones in nicely.  I couldn't believe I actually had a pair of doll shoes to match this.

I love dollies with their toys.  :)

I'll be having a bit of an art break for a week or so.  I'm itching to paint and draw, so I'm not sure what the next doll project will be.  But it's more a case of too many ideas, rather than too few.


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