Saturday, 26 January 2019

SSP-039V: Revamped pattern for Patience and now Kaye Wiggs 14" mini. Romper set. (Also Iple KID)

Finally I've gotten around to working on my existing patience patterns and fitting them to 14" Mini Kaye Wiggs girls.   this one is also easily adapted to fit Iplehouse KID, and I've given detailed but simple instructions for that on page 26.

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9.75 GBP

These look so cute on these little dolls.   I hope people enjoy making them up for Mini KW, and for Iple KID girls.

Becasue this is an existing pattern which I have revamped and enhanced, I was careful to keep all of the original content unchanged. So if you have bought this pattern in the past for Patience, all of that pattern and cutting information is still correct.

I have added the new pieces at the end, for 14" Mini Kaye Wiggs.  There are also simple instructions for altering all 3 versions of the rompers for Iplehouse KID. (The hat needs no alteration.)

If you have already bought this pattern, don't worry, I keep all my sales records and can check who has already bought the previous version.  If you have bought this in the past, I can send you this revamped version free of charge.


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