Sunday, 17 February 2019

Always boots, all the time.

More bootses, precious.

These are pretty in pink. Another experiment. I'm playing around with the fleece and have tried bonding it to fabric for the soles in these boots.

Also, if you want to make a relatively easy pair, you don't really need to do all the eyelets.  Simply running some cotton embroidery thread through the fabric with a large needle works quite nicely.

The laced-up one is sorta finished, despite needing nicer laces. Green is used here for contrasts, so it shows up in the photo well.  I might glue some craft foam to the soles to finish them off.  The other one still needs trimming and lacing.  They're on the lasts at the moment.  Can't wait to try them on the doll.

These are taller than the desert boots, and I've tweaked the pattern, trying to get a nice toe shape.  I've discovered the secret, but it's mine. All mine. Mwuhaha.

You might think the sewn through laces are annoying when it comes to removing the boots; but because of the stretch in the fleece, it's actually fairly quick and easy.

The pen marks are Pilot Frixion pen.  Ironing the shoes is pointless, but a just quick burst of steam removes the ink completely.  I scribble all over my garments making tailors marks, and love that the pens I use completely disappear.

And here are yesterday's desert boots, on my sunkissed Missy.

Have ordered different colours in fleece too.  I really .. honestly. I wish I could stop buying fabric.



  1. Love the pink boots.... just tell yourself you're stocking up on fabric in case of shortages when Brexit happens lol.... anyway you can never have too much fabric or yarn or dollies......

    1. I like the pink ones too :) OMG, Brexit is SO depressing but a great excuse. Yes, we should stockpile all the fabrics we can lay our hands on! lol


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