Saturday, 16 February 2019

Moar Shooz. For Kaye Wiggs and A Girl for all Time.

I've posted some of these on Facebook, but here are what I call the holy grail of shoe projects.  I've long wanted to make my own lace-up boots, and finally, having drafted a pattern entirely on my own, I've found the perfect fabric to use for MSD size doll shoes.


Let me tell you about fleece.  (I use anti pill polar fleece, purely because it's all I could find.) 

It's easy to work with.  It hides all your stitches (okay, so my stitches are perfect, yes I do brag.  But you still can't see them if you sew badly.) 

It is very easy to 'ease' the pieces together whilst sewing.

It doesn't need a hem.  Yay.

It's stretchy, so one pair of shoes or boots will easily slip onto the doll, and will probably even fit more than one of your different dolls. 

Here are my lace-up desert boots:

These are modelled by my KW MSD Missy.  Alas, they don't fit A Girl for All Time dolls. AGAT's feet are too wide.  But that doesn't mean I won't make her a pair.

And the UGGs I posted yesterday on FB.   These do actually fit AGAT perfectly.

I did the seams on the inside, but Myself and everyone who expressed an opinion preferred the seams on the outside. More like real UGGs.  But they're still quite nice.

Here's the single prototype boot.  I need to make another to match, seeing as how perfect this one turned out.

I have a few colours of fleece, so may spend a few days just playing with boot ideas.



  1. I've made several pair of shoes for my Bleuette doll and loved working with the felt. Was a lot easier than with the fake leather stuff. Love yours.

    1. I've made felt shoes too. It's lovely to work with. Leather and suede is terrifying. I like the fleece because it's a bit more durable than my felt. Thank you!

  2. Love both the shoes and the boots.... one day when I find my motivation I'll have a go! If you can't brag about your sewing then I don't know who can!! I really do need to make something for the AGAT girls.... yes there are two of them now!!

    1. I'm attempting to make some shoes that mean people won't need lasts. Just easy ones that they can sew up to add to an outfit kind of thing. Then I end up getting all technical and throwing eyelets, and laces, and all sorts into the mix. lol. Yay for AGAT! I have two as well. It's a good number.


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