Sunday, 10 February 2019

SSP-066: For Iplehouse KID. Puff sleeve dress and pinafore.

My first pattern for Iplehouse KID!   I picked an old favourite, seeing as I've been revisiting it to fit Mini Kaye Wiggs gals.  My Lonnie and Paige look adorable in these outfits.

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The dresses on their own.

The pinafore is open at the sides.  you can use ribbon for the mock ties, but the instructions on how to sew fabric mock-ties are very clear.

And the pinafore can be made with skirt backs, or no skirt backs, as a sort of apron-style garment.

There are also tips on page 20 on how to make a sleeveless dress.

Next, I'm still going through my Patience patterns to fit them to Mini Kaye Wiggs.  Not sure which one it will be yet,  Maybe the dungarees... hmm... sometimes, there's too much choice...


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