Friday, 22 February 2019

SSP-067: Detailed boot tutorial for Kaye Wiggs and A Girl for all Time.

I've always loved making shoes and boots for my dollies, particularly boots.  For a very long time now, I've wanted to make some little UGGS for my girls.  (I then got carried away by making lace-up boots, but that's another post for another day!)

So Raccoon HQ presents this lovely and highly detailed tutorial on  how to make UGG boots.  there are even some stockings, for protecting your doll from any potential staining from dark or deep-dyed boot fabric.

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I've seen many tutorials in my dolly internet travels, and I found a lot of them a bit lacking, so I've made this really detailed, to walk even a novice through the process.  There are of course pattern/template pieces for two sizes of boot and three sizes of stocking.

The stockings have three options for stocking tops, including an anti-slip pair.  If your Tobi is anything like mine, she'll be very slippy in the legs, so this technique is invaluable for good stay-up stockings for her.

The Kaye Wiggs MSD UGGs also fit A Girl for all Time dolls, and AGAT also has her very own stocking template.

Boots are such fun to make, I have a pile of them on my desk, and a bag full of different colours of fleece all ready to go.

These boots don't need a separate sole. My girls stand perfectly in boots with just the plain fabric sole.  But if you want to add a firmer sole, there are instructions for doing just that.

So next, I'll be working on the fleecy lace-up boots, and hopefully producing a tutorial for those.  Then I want to make boots for my Iplehouse JID girls, and hopefully even Little darling.  The smaller the doll's feet get, the more fiddly the boot, but I'll take them down in size to fit a few more dollies.



  1. Fab - thank you for this -I shall purchase soon as my AGAT girl are waiting impatiently for me to finish the crochet blankie (onto the border today), finish the something for Ellowyne - one dress done and one to go and for me to ignore the pleas of the tribe!! And yay I have fleece in the stash!

    1. No problem! It was loads of fun. I now have a big bag of lots of colours of fleece, haha.

      I'm so annoyed though, I got a slap on the wrist on one of my Facebook groups for posting nude dolls. Even thought I covered up their modesty with fig leaves. So silly.

    2. that should be 'though', not 'thought'.


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