Thursday, 14 February 2019

Three new outfits: Kaye Wiggs mini, and Iplehouse KID.

Here are the little outfits resulting from my latest sewing pattern.  I love the flopsy pinafore and bonnet look on dolls. Very Holly Hobbie.

In my Etsy shop:  This link will take you to my Handmade Doll Fashions section.

 "Sweet Pea" for 14" Kaye Wiggs mini
£60.00 plus shipping.

"Strawberries 'n' Dreams" for Iplehouse KID
£60.00 plus shipping

"Sunny Disposition" for Iplehouse KID
£48.00 plus shipping

Not sure where I'm going next.   I'll have to flip through all my patterns and see what grabs my attention.  Though I do have a yearning to try to make sherpa boots....


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