Saturday, 20 April 2019

Leotard/bodysuit for Smart Doll

I'm besotted with my newest addition to the Raccoon workroom.   She's a Destiny Smart Doll, and has been named Cass, which really suits her and has stuck.  I love the name Cassiopeia, or Cassie, but this girl's personality seems to be tomboyish and a little no-frills.  So I get the LOOK whenever I try anything but plain old Cass.   (I have to confess also, I've just binge-watched all 13 seasons of Supernatural, and she's kinda named after my favourite character, Castiel.)

I loved the clothing that came with her.  My word, the quality is amazing... and that's coming from me, the most persnickety doll sewist ever.   I will obviously be drafting new patterns for her, and to start, I've gone for one of my favourite pieces of clothing, the leotard/bodysuit.

So here's the new leotard. It's my second draft of the design and is still a tad too tight.  I hand painted the heart motifs, and the leotard stretches them out of proportion a bit.   I'll correct that on my next attempt.

(At first, I tried on this one. It was made to fit a Kaye Wiggs MSD girl, but it's so very stretchy, it looked great on Cass.  Very tight though!)

I like my bodysuits to follow the natural curve of the doll's modelling.  By that I mean where the body section ends and the thighs begin.  It's looking very good shape wise.  And the waist is not bagging out at all in the back.

The jeans she comes with are soooo tight.  I must make some that are just a bit looser, so I can get stain-preventing tights on underneath them.   They do just go over the knickers she came with, and hence work the same over this bodysuit.  The tightness of the jeans also rules out any seated poses.  So I'd really like to make some that accommodate movement.

I just love her.  And have been carrying her around the house with me.  She has loads of attitude.  I've ordered some Lycra fabric with one of my own print designs that'll suit her perfectly!

I'll be enjoying sewing for Cass for a bit.  There will be patterns eventually, but first I want to nail down some basics for her. Leotard, tights, leggings, etc.  I have the free Smart Doll patterns available on their website, but prefer to draft my own.


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