Thursday, 18 April 2019

SSP-068: Lace up boots for Kaye Wiggs dolls.

I'm all booted out now.  I've designed and made these loively little fleece lace up boots for Kaye Wiggs dolls. All the girls, MSD, Tobi, and Nellie are catered for here.  I don't know about the Laycee body which is more substantial, as I don't own that doll body.

So Raccoon HQ presents another lovely and highly detailed tutorial on  how to make boots.  There are also socks, for protecting your doll from any potential staining from dark or deep-dyed boot fabric.

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There are two versions of the boots.  The simpler ones, with no eyelets, and just a soft sole. (Click on the images to see them enlarged.)

Then there are the more advanced boots, which have eyelets and a glued on foam sole.

And socks...

I've included some variations on the boot making, as well as a section at the back, which is a detailed tutorial on how to sew back stitch. 

Hand sewing is essential when making these, but all the seams are small so it's not too time consuming.   I'm used to making these now, and can make some in a couple of hours, entirely by hand.


I have been away for a long old time.  My lovely housemates offered me the largest room, seeing as I was in the smallest and having to run my business from there!  The new room is twice the size, and I've incorporated a ton of storage into the furniture, shelving, etc.  it will house all my too-many dolls, and my too-much fabric!

I just have to make sure I don't expand too much now, and end up with storage space troubles again.  Easier said than done for us fabriholics.

I'll try to post some photos of the new Raccoon HQ soon.



  1. Nice to see you back! Patience wants to know where are her boots - I have told them it's not boot weather at the mo!! I love the pic of all the boots you made just fab! I've finished a few outfits this week as I had the week off - you know how demanding the tribe are!! I'll put some pics on the Facebook page soon!

    1. It took some time. Loads of decorating and DIY. Oh yes, I'd love to see pics. I'm finding it a bit hard to settle back into work. I'll probably start off with something easy like a leotard for my Smart Doll. I also bought and Annora Monet. I quite like her!


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