Wednesday, 29 May 2019

3 outfits for Smart Doll.

After creating the sewing pattern (SSP-070) I've added some bits and pieces to the garments I made, and now offer these lovely outfits for your Smart Doll.

Available in my Etsy shop:

I love the whole 70's feel of these sets.  Flared pants, peasant tops and bakersboy hats... one with a hippie headband.

First up is the pink one.   Cali's personal favourite.

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Cass gives the blue the thumbs up.


I really enjoy making belts.   I have some lovely quality pieces of PU leather, and a selection of buckles.  these look great on the jeans.

Hats are fun too, and the little peasant tops are  really pretty on these dolls.

I'm hankering after a dress next.  Smart gals really lend themselves to jeans and pants outfits, but some lovely boho dresses or skirt outfits would look fabulous.


Saturday, 25 May 2019

SSP-070: sewing pattern for Smart Doll, "Retro Vibes".

Being an old hippie, I just love the look of flares, peasant tops and a bakersboy hat... which I think is more usually called a newsboy hat in the USA.   So I've come up with this cool retro ensemble, altering the peasant top to look more contemporary.

And we all know, our smart girls all love to show those sexy midriffs!

*Available in my Etsy shop:

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With my usual meticulous attention to fit,  these jeans look great.   The drainpipes can be worn with long boots over the top.  These are what I'd call hipster jeans, and are cut a little higher than the low-rise jeans that Smart Doll make.  I've simplified the fly and pockets from more traditional jeans patterns, and there's no tricksy back yoke, so they're easier to make.

Cali is rocking the hat.  Cass is a tad miffed that she doesn't get one, but at least she's not being forced to wear pink.  I'll make her one in the next few days.

The pattern includes two styles of jeans, the cropped peasant top - which has been a big hit on Facebook, and the Bakersboy hat.

So now I've earned a weekend of art, I'm off to do some messy painting.  Next up in the dolly stuff will probably be a dress for these lovely girls.   


Saturday, 11 May 2019

Three outfits for Smart Doll.

Having made the sewing pattern SSP-069, I now offer three outfits that were made during the process.

These garments are beautifully fitted to the default (small)  bust Smart Doll.   The stretchy bodysuit might fit a medium bust, but I can't guarantee it, not owning a medium-bust doll. So I don't recommend you buy these for a medium, unless you also have a default bust Smart Doll who can wear them.

Available in my Etsy shop: In my new section "Smart Doll Stuff".

The tights are perfect stain preventers, and they go under the darker leggings. The third outfit has lighter leggings, so don't need the tights.

The leggings have great little belt loops, so I made pretty belts to match each outfit.

These bodysuits are just some of my all time faves.  They can go under skirts and jeans too.

Stretchy garments are perfect for really active poses.

Just Chillin'

Just Relaxin'

Just Me

There will be more outfits as I go along :)


Friday, 10 May 2019

SSP-069: "Mix n' Match" my first sewing pattern for Smart Doll

It's been a blast sewing for these girls.  They're much larger than I'm used to, but the proportions are so lovely, they're a dream to sew for.  For my first Smart Doll sewing pattern, I've come up with my favourite bodysuit/leotard, and a host of other garments, including stain-protecting tights.  Always useful when working with dark or brightly dyed fabrics.

*Available in my Etsy shop:

*Etsy will charge EU customers VAT (This does not affect America or other non-EU countries). EU customers might find it cheaper to buy here, directly on the blog.

Or right here on the blog: (PayPal shopping cart)
Once your have paid, I will email your digital pattern file directly, within 24 hours at the outside, usually much sooner.


As always, I devote myself to a fabulous fit.  These leggings and shorts are so well-fitted, that you can make the garments without elastic.  I know some people prefer that extra finish though, so I've given instructions if you do want to use some.

Stretchy stuff is great for all kinds of posing. Cali is looking pretty chilled here.  And comfy. (Belt not included)

These stain-preventing tights can be used to go under jeans and any trousers made of dark or brightly dyed fabric.  They can be made in cotton with Lycra, Lycra fabric, or stretch mesh.  Anything with a good 4 way stretch.

Don't be tempted to use 2 way stretch though, it won't work.

There's something feminine to go under skirts too.  These stockings are great.  And the knee-high socks will help if you have boots with dark insides too.

I love bodysuits, they're so versatile for dolls. Mine come with four sleeve options.

Ready for some dance practice? Ballet, jazz, or tap?

Cali and Cass say hi. Peace out.

Next up will be some jeans for these dollies, and a cute little cropped peasant top.   After that, I have ideas for a skirt and top combo.

In other news, I am now skint. Impoverished. Brassic.  No more dolls for a while.  I'm actually too scared to look at my bank balance!



Wednesday, 8 May 2019

Lovin' on Smart Doll

I'm loving SO HARD on these girls. 

The newbie arrived today, I've given both Ancient Greek names. 

Cassiopeia - though she much prefers just Cass.  She's kinda tomboyish, as I've said, and a bit serious.

Calista - Cali for short, is far more girlie and not at all SRS. 

Cali likes to upstage Cass, who takes it all in her stride. She'd rather hang in the background anyway.  Ignore the tights, visible under the jeans.  I plan to remedy those soon.

She's so cute.   I've changed her eyes, from the default blue to amber; and given both girls lovely long eyelashes.  I've never been keen on anime or manga, but I've really taken to these lovely dollies.

I'm working on my first Smart Doll sewing pattern, and have made loads of bits and pieces that I'll put together as outfits to list in my Etsy shop.


Friday, 3 May 2019

Sewing trousers for Smart Doll.

I've outlined my design process before, but just a quick recap.

What I do is I measure and draft an initial pattern, sew a toile, tweak the pattern accordingly and sew again.  It's a case of rinse and repeat several times.   Sometimes I get it stop on at the first try, sometimes it can take up to seven or eight toiles before I'm happy with the fit.

And I am very. Very. fussy.

Hence this version of my Smart Doll pants/jeans/whatnot is my sixth version.  I like to make shorts when I'm designing trousers, because it wastes much less fabric on failed attempts.  My failed attempts do often fit okay, but I strive more that bit more than okay. So.

(I also add that I hand sew, so a new garment can take a good few weeks to perfect!)

Here's my delightful Cass modelling the trousers, which I've cut as knee-length pedal-pushers.  I'm very happy with these, so will be making full-scale jeans next.  Not my greatest photography, but you can see the fit pretty clearly.

I always find the fit around the doll's bum is the most challenging part of making pants and trews.

These are hipsters, as opposed to the very low-rise jeans I bought with the doll.  I know.  I'm old, and old-fashioned about low rise pants.  But I do know that I wouldn't have worn such totally uncomfortably fitting jeans even when I was a rebellious teenager.

Hence, I've made these as hipsters, which are cut a little higher, and I also have a pattern for medium-rise jeans.   I'm not so old as to want to make belly-warmers though!  Jeans that come right up to the waist are so 80's.

Here are the other five pairs, which I made as shorts, and rejected.  Most are total rejects, but one or two of them are okay to keep just so my own dollies don't have to go naked.

In other news, but on the same lines, I've bought another Smart Doll!  I couldn't resist Sana with freckles.   I've just paid the ransom, so she'll be delivered on Tuesday.  Yay.